By default, your store assumes that you have an infinite supply of every product you sell. The Inventory extension enhances your Products app by letting you keep track of how many units of each product you have in stock, and preventing orders when you run out. It works for both conventional products and products with variants (if you're using our product variants feature).

For information on installing the Inventory extension, see the "All Extensions" section of our App Store app article.

One you've installed the extension, go to a product for which you'd like to track inventory and scroll down to the Inventory section:

To begin, press Start Tracking Inventory.

How to Set an Initial Stock Count

You'll see automatically-generated SKU value based on the Name value. You can edit it if you like. Next to it, you'll find a Quantity field. Enter the on-hand total directly, or use the up and down arrows on the right to adjust. When you're ready to set your initial quantity, press Set, and then Save.

You'll now see the Quantity value you set.

How to Adjust Inventory Levels

You can use the Update Quantity field to manually change your on-hand count at any time.

The Add / Set toggle is set to Add by default. Simply enter the amount you'd like to add to your current total in the Quantity field (you can also use the up and down arrows on the right to adjust the value), press Update, and then press Save. Your new Quantity will be the previous count plus the count you added.

To lower the quantity, simply add a dash before the value in the Update Quantity field.

If you'd like to reset the product's quantity from scratch, flip the toggle to Set. The new value you enter in Update Quantity will overwrite the Quantity value. Be sure to press Update and Save to lock in your change.

To stop tracking inventory for a product, go to the three-dot more options menu and select Stop Tracking Inventory.

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