The Amazon app provides an easy path to move product listings between Amazon and your Volusion store. This tool is ideal for Volusion sellers who want to break into the Amazon market, or for Amazon sellers who want to populate a Volusion store with their existing Amazon listings.

Note that in order to transfer product listings, you'll need a professional seller account with Amazon. To get started, find and install the Amazon app from the App Store in your Admin Area.

Connecting to Amazon

Once you've installed the Amazon app, go to your dashboard to open it. If you already have a professional seller account, click Connect My Account.

If you don't have an account yet, click Create Amazon Seller Account to complete that process through Amazon. Once you've created your account, return to this page of your Admin Area to click Connect My Account.

The Amazon login page will open in a new tab. Use your professional seller account credentials to log in, then click Give Volusion Access and authorize the Volusion app.

Once you've granted Volusion access to your Amazon account details, the tab will close and you'll be returned to the Amazon app in your Volusion store.

Sell Your Volusion Products on Amazon

You can list any of your Volusion products on Amazon! 

Note that if your product already exists in Amazon, you'll simply add your own price offer rather than creating a duplicate. All Amazon sellers share the one listing for the same product.

To get started:

  1. Choose one of your Volusion products to search for it in Amazon's database. We automatically search for your product by title, but you can also search by ASIN (Amazon's unique product ID number), or by the URL for the item on Amazon.
  2. From the search results, select the listing that matches the product you're selling. If you don't see your product among the first 10 listings, click Take Me To Amazon Search for more pages of results.
  3. Once you've selected the correct product, make sure your Quantity on hand is correct. When applicable, this field is pre-filled based on the value you defined in your Volusion product's QTY field. If you haven’t entered a quantity yet, this field reads 0. You'll need to update the quantity before you can list the item in Amazon.
  4. Enter the price you charge for the product. Note that the price you enter cannot be lower than the price of the product in your Volusion store. 
  5. Click Add to Amazon to add your offer to the listing.

That's it! You're now selling a product through the Amazon marketplace as well as your Volusion store.

Import Amazon Listings to Your Volusion Store

If you already have products in Amazon, you'll see them listed in the tab labeled Your Amazon Products.

Note that this tab is showing the most updated product list from your Amazon seller account, rather than the current list of products in your Volusion store. You can manually select each item you'd like to import from Amazon into Volusion. 

Product Listing Statuses

Products from your Amazon account will display one of the following status labels:

  • Active: This status indicates an item that is actively being sold through Amazon by your seller account.
  • Processing: This temporary status indicates that Amazon is still in the process of sending product information to your Volusion store.
  • Problem: This status appears for items that are "suppressed" or "inactive" in Amazon. These products display at the top of your list. You'll need to resolve any product-specific issues in Amazon before you can import the product listing to your Volusion store.

If any of your current Amazon listings are suppressed or inactive, they'll appear at the top of the Your Amazon Products tab with a Problem status. You'll need to resolve any product-specific issues in Amazon before you can import the product listing to your Volusion store.

Are my products "synced"?

Because your product listing may be shared with several (hundred) other sellers, we do not sync your Volusion products with the corresponding Amazon product listing. This ensures that if any changes are made to the Amazon listing, they do not impact your Volusion storefront's product listing.

Order Fulfillment

Any orders placed on Amazon should be processed through your Amazon seller account. You'll receive an email from Amazon each time such an order occurs. 

Orders placed on your Volusion store can be fulfilled from your Admin Area as usual.

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