This article covers additional adjustments to the Shipping tab after you've completed your initial configuration in the Settings feature. What you see here depends on what you entered during that step, but you can edit and enhance your selections as you like.
To access your Shipping page, click the Settings icon in the left Navigation Menu.

Then, click the Shipping section at the top of the page.

Ship-To Locations

By default, your Volusion store is configured to allow domestic shipping within the United States. To enable shipping for other countries at checkout:

  1. Click Change Countries at the bottom of the Ship-To Locations card.

2. You can either select an entire region (such as South America or Europe) to automatically enable all countries within that region, or you can click the down arrow to expand each region and hand-pick your allowed shipping locations. Make sure all countries/regions you would like to allow shipping to are checked.
3. When you have completed your selections, click the orange Save Changes button at the bottom of the card.

Certain countries, display the states or provinces available (e.g. 13 of 13 provinces), as well as an “Edit” button to the right of the country name. In these instances you can further restrict which states/provinces within the country you will ship to. For example, if you would like to restrict US shipping to the 48 continental states, you will want to remove Alaska and Hawaii from your ship-to-list so that customers who enter ship-to addresses in those states will not be able to checkout.
To restrict shipping to certain states or provinces:

  1. Click  Edit to the right of the country.
  2. Check (or uncheck) the boxes next to states of provinces you would like to include (or exclude).
  3. When you have completed your selections, click the orange Save Changes button at the bottom of the section.

The countries and states/provinces you choose here will be applied to every shipping method you add by default, unless you specifically edit the shipping method for each location.

Free Shipping and Rates

Analyze your prior shipping label costs to determine which shipping strategy will work best for you.

If you want to offer free shipping on all orders within a country, use the Free Shipping card. For more information on free shipping, see “Shipping: Free Shipping.” 

If you want to increase or decrease shipping costs for Shoppers as they order more, use the Price-Based Rates card. For more information, see “Shipping: Price-Based Rates.”

If you want to increase shipping costs for Shoppers as they order heavier orders (to accommodate shipping label costs that increase with each pound), use the Weight-Based Rates card. For more information, see “Shipping: Weight-Based Rates.”

Shipping Restrictions

Shipping methods can also be Restricted based on location. For instance, if you offer Price Based shipping methods, but want to make sure that your inexpensive domestic shipping method is not available to customers in Alaska and Hawaii, you can set up Restricted Shipping to make sure they are not offered the option. You can then create shipping specifically for those locations. For more information about Restricted Shipping see "Setting Shipping Restrictions."

Checkout Visibility

When customers check out on your storefront, they'll be able to ship to any of the countries you configured at Settings > Shipping. These settings also determine which countries a customer can choose from when entering a billing address.

When applicable, the checkout page will also display a drop-down menu with the relevant states or provinces for each country. Google autocomplete appears for addresses within the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 

Further Reading

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