This article covers additional adjustments to the Shipping tab after you've completed your initial configuration in the Settings app. What you see here depends on what you entered during that step. You can edit and enhance your selections as you like.

Ship To Countries

By default, your Volusion store is configured to allow domestic shipping within the United States. 

To enable shipping for other countries at checkout, click Add A Country. You can select an entire region (such as South America or Europe) to automatically enable all countries within that region, or you can click the arrow to expand each region and hand-pick your allowed shipping locations.

Shipping Locations at Checkout

When customers check out on your storefront, they'll be able to ship to any of the countries you configured at Settings > Shipping. These settings also determine which countries a customer can choose from when entering a billing address.

When applicable, the checkout page will also display a dropdown with the relevant states or provinces for each country. Google autocomplete appears for addresses within the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 

Shipping Rates

For information about how to set up different types of rates, see the following articles:

Settings App

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