This article covers additional adjustments to the Payments tab after you've completed your initial configuration in your Settings app. Once you've chosen which payment method(s) you want to offer, you'll need to take additional steps. Read on for details about your payment method selection(s).

To access the Payments tab of the Settings page, click the Settings icon in the left Navigation Menu.

From the Settings page, click the Payments tab at the top of the page.

Volusion Payments

Volusion Payments lets you accept all major credit cards through your store. Volusion offers industry-leading transaction rates, quick approval, and an easy set-up process. To begin the process click the Add Business Details button in the Volusion Payments section. For more information, see "Volusion Payments".


PayPal is one of the most recognizable, trusted, and widely-used payment methods on the internet. We offer an integration with PayPal Express Checkout for all stores.

When you go through initial configuration in your Settings app, you're asked to choose a payment method. PayPal is enabled by default and customers can place orders through the service before you've even connected your store to a PayPal account by either logging in to an existing account during checkout, or creating one as they go. If you want to disable PayPal on your site click the PayPal Enabled slider and then click the Disable button on the pop-up. 

Funds collect for up to 30 days for you to claim, after which PayPal automatically returns the funds to the shopper's account. Make sure you connect to an active PayPal business account before the redemption option expires. To connect your PayPal account click the Connect Account button in the PayPal section of your Payments tab. You will be take to a PayPal page to enter additional information.

Offering PayPal Credit

By default, the PayPal Express Checkout integration includes an option for customers to use PayPal Credit. The button for this option appears right below the PayPal Checkout button:

PayPal Credit gives your US-based customers the ability to pay for their order over a longer period of time. Regardless of whether a customer chooses PayPal Checkout or PayPal Credit, you'll receive the full funds for the sale up front. PayPal provides the full amount to the merchant, then allows the customer to make payments toward their PayPal balance, just like a credit card.


PayPal check-out also includes an option for Venmo, in the event that the customer has a Venmo account. This integration is handled exclusively by PayPal. For more information, take a look at their support article.

For information about our PayPal integration, see the following article:


Through our integration with Stripe, you can accept all major credit cards. To enable Stripe click the Connect Account button. You will be sent an email with directions and taken to Stripe's login page to start the account creation process. For more information about our Stripe integration, see "How to Accept Credit Cards Through Stripe."

Apple Pay

If you use Stripe, you can also offer an Apple Pay option to shoppers who use the Safari browser.

Apple Pay offers shoppers a way to store payment methods on their local devices for convenient input when checking out during an online shopping session. For more information on using this option, see "How to Offer Apple Pay."

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