The My Account page is accessed by clicking the My Account icon in your site's left side navigation menu. This icon will contain the initials of the store owner.


In this section, you can view or update your contact information, payment plan, payment method, and more.


At the top of the section, you can view and update the first name, last name, login email address, and password associated with your account (for security reasons, you can't see your current password).

If you have a Gravatar account, you can press Update Avatar to display the primary Gravatar image associated with your email address. Be sure to sign in to your Gravatar account before attempting to connect. If you don't have a Gravatar account, you can create one for free. An image will only display if the email address you chose for your Volusion profile also exists in Gravatar.

Account Overview

This section shows your current plan level and monthly price. To upgrade or downgrade, press Change Your Plan. On the plan selection page, you'll see your current plan, marked Current Plan. To change it, press Let's Go below the new plan you want. If you need to edit the default contact information or payment method on the order, press Edit and make the necessary changes. When you're done, or if you don't need to make changes, read our terms, select the I agree to Volusion's Terms check box, and press Place Your Order. Your plan will change automatically.

To see prorated billing details, go to the Invoices section and press the row that corresponds to your upcoming charge.

Payment Method

To change the credit or debit card you use for monthly payments, press the Change Payment Method button. A dialog box lets you enter and submit the new details. When you're finished, press Save Changes.

Store Deletion / Cancellation

We'd hate to see you go, but if you need to cancel, you can contact us for assistance with closing your account. 


In this section, you can view the current balance due as well as invoices for past and upcoming payments. You'll find the unique invoice ID number, the date, the amount, and the status. You can also download an invoice as a PDF file. Press any row to view the related invoice's details.

The invoice dialog box shows you a more detailed breakdown of the charge than the list view, including the service period covered and the payment plan details. Press X to close the box or the downward-pointing arrow to download the invoice as a PDF file. The PDF file is more detailed still, with our contact information and your billing contact information. You can print this copy for your records.

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