Purchasing and printing shipping labels can be a pain, but we make it easy with our free Postage Printing app. It lets you buy and print labels through an integration with Shippo. Install it at your convenience in Integrations.

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How to Set Up Label Printing

To set up your store for label printing, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the payment method you'll use to pay for your labels. You can either use your payment method currently on file, or add a new one (note that it will replace your current payment method).

2. Choose whether you want to use your own packing, or a carrier's.

  • If you choose your own, enter a name and dimensions in the fields provided. This is the default size that appears when you print a label, but you can specify a different size on any given order.
  • If you choose a carrier's packaging, select the default size from the menu of choices.
  • When you're finished, press Save Package.

3. Set a default order handling time. Again, you can enter the number of days directly, or use the arrows to adjust the value. The app uses this information to present compatible shipping options.

4. Choose a default file format for your label.

5. Specify your return address. You can use the one on file in your Settings feature, or enter a new address (please note that it will overwrite your address on file). 

(Just a note- Failing to add your business address in the Settings app may cause an error with the Shippo App. Make sure you add your address in the Settings app, even if you intend to use a different address with Shippo.)

6. Decide whether you'll print return postage as well.

7. Press Configure Settings.

Congratulations! You're now set up to print shipping labels. To learn more about how to print them, see "Postage Printing: How to Print Labels".

To change your default selections at any time, return to the Postage Printing app and edit the values as you like.

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