Update 7/10/19: Over the next several weeks, we will be moving all Volusion storefronts from the current Store Editor experience to Site Designer, a new app with even more flexible design capabilities for your store. If you don't see Site Designer in your Volusion store, you'll be getting access in the very near future. Until then, you can continue using the Store Editor app to make changes to your theme. For more information about the upcoming transition, please see our Site Designer FAQs article.

With Volusion, you can make powerful design changes to your storefront with simple clicks. To view your options, open the Store Editor app.

Navigational Controls

Regardless of which section you visit, certain elements of the page remain constant.

Editor Panel

At the top of the Editor Panel, master controls appear whenever they apply. You'll find the Save button, the Cancel option, the Undo option, and the Restore option, and more:

  • Whenever the Save button appears, you've made unsaved changes. Press it to lock in edits you make in the lower sections of the window.
  • The Cancel option lets you clear out unsaved changes you don't want to keep.
  • The Undo option (arrow icon) lets you wipe out the most recent change you made.
  • If you save changes you don't want to keep and lose the Undo option by ending your session, the Restore option (arrow icon with clock) lets you revert to theme default settings at any time. When you press it, you'll be asked if you want to proceed (Restore Defaults) or cancel (Do Not Restore).
  • The three-dot more options menu icon gives you extra context-based options. You can log out, get help, and more.

You'll also find the Back option:

Use it to return to your previous navigational location at any time.

Below these options, you'll find subsections of the section you're viewing. You'll know a section contains subsections if an arrow appears to the right when you hover over it:

The same holds true of subsections themselves. Press them to expand them and access their controls.

Storefront Panel

The Storefront Panel shows how changes you make in the editor panel affect your storefront. You can see your edits instantly before deciding whether you want to keep or get rid of them. It displays your homepage by default. You can navigate to any page of your store. For more information, see "The Storefront Panel".

For details on the global selections in the Store Editor menu, see the following articles:

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