The SEO section lets you customize SEO values that Volusion defines for you by default in the Products feature, the Categories feature, and on Pages.

Search Engine Optimization

The SEO section is automatically included on all of your product, category, and informational pages. To customize your SEO values on any of these pages, you will edit the page that you would like to customize and scroll down to the SEO section:

To customize any of your SEO fields, you can simply edit the default text and click save.

Page URL Text: This field is populated from the Product, Category, or Page’s Name, and will appear in your URL:

Volusion generates SEO Friendly URLs for you by default, but we also give you the ability to customize your URLs to be more descriptive of what the pages on your website contain. This helps both search engines and customers more easily find your store.

Title Tag: This field is populated from the Product, Category, or Page’s Name and will appear in the title bar of any web browser window visiting your page:

The Title Tag also appears on the Search Engine Results Page and is considered one of the most important indicators for search engines to know what your site is about.

Note - the Title Tag is case sensitive, but the Page URL text is not.

Meta Description: This field should give a brief description of the page. Our system automatically populates this from your Description field, and allows you to customize the text with up to 160 characters. Your Meta Descriptions will not display on your storefront, but they will appear on the Search Engine Results Page below the Title Tag.

Google Result Preview: This feature shows you exactly what your store’s Google search results will look like:

Once you’ve ensured that your SEO values are set, be sure to click Save. 

For information on how to improve your general store organic search engine performance, see "Settings: SEO".

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