Displaying related products on all product pages can be a great cross-selling tool. Many Volusion themes let you do just that.

To edit this section of your product pages globally, go to your Store Editor app and visit the Content section. From this point, the steps to follow depend on your theme. In most cases, you'll find Related Products settings under the Product menu selection. Specific options available vary by theme.

You can also edit this section on a per-product basis, directly from each product edit page:

  1. Go to the Products app.
  2. On the products list, select the product of your choice.
  3. Locate the Related Products section.
  4. Press the Select a Product field and choose from the suggestions, or type a product name to get new suggestions.
  5. Select the product(s) you want to display as related to this one.
  6. Press Save.

You'll now see the related product(s) on the storefront product details page.

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