This article covers how to make your initial selections in our Settings feature, which lets you set up and change how your store works. To access the Settings feature, click the Settings icon located in the left Navigation Menu on your site's Dashboard.

Configure Your Settings

The first time you visit the app, you'll see an introductory paragraph that helps you configure basic store settings. Follow these steps to make your initial selections:

  1. Define your location. This setting determines how your store charges tax on your orders. Volusion takes care of accurate calculations for you automatically. If your business has more than one tax nexus, don't worry; you can enter others later. 
  2. Choose your payment method(s). We offer payment processing through PayPal Express Checkout, Volusion Payments, and Stripe. You can only enable one credit card processor at a time – Volusion Payments (recommended) or Stripe – but you can enable PayPal Express in addition to either of these methods. Additional steps for your payment method selection are required, you can take care of these later at your convenience.
  3. Decide how you want to handle shipping. You can charge a flat shipping rate for all orders, or for all orders over a certain dollar amount. If you'd like to offer free shipping, click the first menu and select Offer free shipping. You can then decide whether it should apply to all orders, or just orders over a certain amount: if all orders, enter "0" in both fields; if only orders over a certain amount, enter the amount in the first field, and the flat shipping rate you'd like to charge for orders of lower amounts in the second field. If you don't want to offer free shipping, click the first menu and select Not offer free shipping. Then, in the second field, enter the flat shipping rate you'd like to charge for each order. If you need to adjust these settings, or set up more advanced shipping methods based on order weights or prices, you can do so at your convenience later.
  4. Decide on your store name
  5. When you're finished, click Configure Settings. From here on, whenever you visit the Settings app, you won't see the initial configuration screen. 

Store Name

When you first signed up, we created a default entry for this value. Now's your chance to review it and pick something special. The text you type shows up on your storefront, with the style and location controlled by your theme

Although you will have created a Store Name during your initial Setup, it is possible to change it at any point. To change your Store Name highlight your existing Store Name in the Store Name & Email section of the Settings page and type a new one. 

You can also change the email used for your store by typing over the existing one in this section. When you have made your changes click the Save button located at the top left of the Settings page. 


Volusion offers two options when setting up your site's domain. You can run your store as a sub domain of our My Volusion website or you can use a custom domain.
Setting up a sub domain is easy to do and removes the burden of keeping track of a domain (which normally has to be renewed yearly). To set your site as a sub domain, type over the placeholder with the sub domain you wish to use in the Sub Domain field.  

Click the Save button at the top left of the Settings page after making the change.

In this case, our new sub domain will be This link is live and available for use immediately after we save. No other actions are needed after setting your sub domain.

Your second choice is to use a custom domain. These can be purchased from any Domain Name Provider. They are typically sold for a year of use and require renewal before they expire. Adding a custom domain is a simple process as well, we have outlined it for you HERE. Custom domains can give you the advantage of an easy to remember website URL and help with branding. If you have any questions about setting up your custom domain, feel free to contact us using your chat feature as explained HERE. 

Store Addresses

Your Store Address is used both for Shipping and Tax calculations. Click the Add button to enter your business address. Addresses can be filled in automatically, or entered manually.

To edit an existing address, click the three dot action button to the right of the address and choose Edit. You can then enter your new address. Click the Save button when you are finished. 

If your store needs to have multiple addresses for tax purposes, you can add those addresses with the ADD button located in this section. For more information about setting up multiple addresses, check out or Store Address article located HERE. 

Store Status

Volusion gives you the option of working on your website without it being accessible to customers and before it is indexed by Search Engines. By default, your store is not live. 

Before going live, you must first verify your email. Volusion sends you a verification email automatically when you first create your store, but you can click the Resend Verification Email button to receive another confirmation link. 

When you decide you are ready to go live click the Launch Your Store button located in the Store Status section. Your site will then be live and indexable. 

Logo and Favicon

Your site features a customizable logo and favicon. These display on your site's pages and in the tab bar of your browser respectively. To add a logo either drag and drop it from you files, or add it to your Image gallery and choose it by clicking the Browse Gallery button on the Logo and Favicon section.  Your favicon is added using the Image gallery as well. Click the camera icon to the right of the favicon section and choose or upload your favicon. Click the Save button in the top left to finalize your changes. 

Share Button

Giving your customers an opportunity to share your Products with other potential buyers is a great marketing strategy. To enable a pop-out that offers a chance to share both a link and image via Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Email or Google Plus locate the Share Button section of your Settings page and click the slider to change from Disabled (the default setting) to Enabled. Click the Save button at the top left after making this change. You do not need to have any Social Media linked to your site for this feature to work-it uses your customer's social media information instead. 

When enabled, this function adds a slide-out to the left side of a product page that allows your customers to share your products with other potential purchasers.

Social Media Accounts

Linking your existing Social Media accounts to your site simple. In the Social Media Accounts section, simply add the full URLs for your accounts. Click the Save button after you add them. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest are included and the appropriately linked icons will show in the footer section of your site. 

More Settings

For more information about how to make additional adjustments, see the following articles:

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