If your website theme displays contact information in your website footer, you can edit or remove it as you like.

To access your site's footer, click the Site Designer icon in the left side navigation menu on your Dashboard.

Scroll to the bottom of the Page: Home page and hover over the Footer section. Click the green Edit Template button to open the Edit Block menu for the Footer.

Editing Contact Information

Locate the Footer Menu section of the Edit Block menu. Click the Contact item to open the Contact edit fields. You can edit the text for the item as well as the link. This allows you to link the item to a custom page for your contact information that you can create. A slider allows you to decide if the link opens in a new window. The item can be removed from the footer by clicking the red Remove button. Other items in the Footer Menu can be edited in the same manner.

Adding Payment Icons

Below the Footer Menu section is the Payment Icons section. Sliders in this section allow you to add icons for payment methods to your footer. Click a slider to apply the image and unclick to remove.

Click the Done button when your changes are complete and don't forget to click the green Publish button at the top of the page to make your changes live on your store.

Editing Copyright Information

The copyright information for your store is located in the Footer section but is edited in the Settings section. The year listed on the copyright changes automatically.

To edit the Name listed in the copyright, click the Settings icon in the left side navigation menu of your site's dashboard.

The Store Name field controls the information listed in the copyright. To change the copyright in the Footer, edit the content of this field, and click the Save button at the top left of the Settings page. If you do not immediately see a change on the storefront you may need to clear your cache and cookies to remove any previously saved versions of the page.

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