When you login to VOLT, you will see your Home Screen dashboard. Here, you can access all the tools needed to manage your store and account.

The navigation menu lets you access all your core apps at any time. It stays fixed to the left side of the page throughout the entire Admin Area and collapses when you're using a device with a smaller screen. Press the Volusion logo or the home icon to get back to the Home Screen.

At the bottom of the navigation menu, you'll see the customer name you entered when creating your store. Click your name to view the My Account screen.

Three-Dot Action Menu

In the upper right corner, press the three-dot menu icon to see more options.

Log Out: Select this option to log out of your store.

Volusion Status: This option shows a general overview of our platform performance status. Press it at any time to visit our status page, where you'll find more detailed information about each system within the platform.


Chat with us directly at any time by clicking the help icon next to the menu. Select Message us to open the chat client. To ask a question or provide feedback, press New Conversation. You can also read and respond to existing conversations.

Home Screen Content

The rest of your Home Screen contains helpful content to help you manage your store.

Analytics At-A-Glance

The top bar displays a condensed version of the Analytics app with orders, sales, and visits for a given time range. To select a different time range, press the three-dot more options menu icon in the upper right corner of the bar.

Installed Apps

If you've downloaded any apps from the App Store, you'll see a list of them below the Analytics bar.

We've provided our recommendations for other helpful apps you should try, as well as the next few steps you should take to build your store.

Explore & Learn

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