Getting Started

From your store's Dashboard click the Site Designer icon in the left Navigation Menu.

To add the Slideshow Block, you will need to click the + sign on your Home Page, choose the Images Block Menu, locate Slideshow and click the Add Block button.

To modify the Slideshow Block, hover over the Block and click the Edit button that appears on the left side of the Block.

You may now edit the Slideshow Block using the controls on the left. Click the Done button when you have completed your changes. If you are ready to apply the changes to your live site, click the Publish button located a the top left of the Site Designer page. As the Slideshow is a Staged Block its changes will be visible in Preview mode, but must be published to show on the live site.

Slideshow Block Controls:

Delete icon
Move block up and down arrows

Make this block Reusable

Block Settings:

Make section full width Section slider

Background color

Padding Top

Padding Bottom


Slide Add Button:
This button is used to add additional Slides to the Slideshow. Clicking it will replicate the last item in the Slide list (Slide 1 in this case). You can then click on the item to open its edit section. Click the Change Image button to upload a new image from the Image Gallery. You can also rename the Slide at this point by typing a new name in the Image Description field, and you may also add in a link for the image as well. The new Slide will save when you click the Use This Image button. 

Default Slides 1 - 4

Move up or down arrows


Autoplay slider

Autoplay Speed (seconds)

Enable Navigation Arrows slider

Navigation Arrows Overlay Slides slider

Background color

Icon color

Background hover color

Icon hover color

Enable Navigation Dots slider

Navigation Dots Overlay Slides slider

Border color

Active background color

Inactive background color

Click the Done button at the bottom of the Slideshow Block Menu when you have completed your changes.

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