This article covers the Content menu selection in the Store Editor app.

The options available to you here depend entirely on your theme, and each theme is different. When you hover over an item in the Editor Panel, the Storefront Panel will scroll to its position on the storefront and use a spotlight to isolate it for you.

The items are grouped by type. Select the appropriate group from the menu provided:

You can choose the following:

  • Home (the default selection): Items on your store homepage.
  • Category: Items on category pages.
  • Product: Items on product pages.
  • Search Results: Items on your search results page.
  • 404: Items on your 404 error page.

Note that items in your header and footer are accessible from all locations.

Some menu items function as independent control panels for an aspect of the theme, with specific features (data entry fields and toggles). Other items function as menus of one or more sub-items. In these cases, the sub-items function as independent control panels for an aspect of the theme section.

Edit variables as you like. When finished, press Save.

Note the following:

  • not all themes contain all items
  • not all items contain all sub-items and features
  • not all sub-items contain all features

For details on other global selections in the Store Editor app menu, see the following articles:

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