Volusion offers a streamlined process for creating and managing your inventory of products. You can use the Products app to see all of your items at a glance, or view products individually to edit photos and info.

Check out this video to learn how to add a product, or scroll down to read a step-by-step guide!

How to Create a Product

When you're ready to create a product, follow the steps below. As you go, you can see a storefront preview of the product page you're creating in the Storefront Panel.

  1. Press Add a Product.
  2. In the Name field, enter the text of your choice. It'll display on your storefront to help shoppers identify the product. Make sure each of your products has a unique name; you won't be able to save a product if its name is already used.
  3. In the Price field, enter the amount you want to charge for it. If you have a Sale Price, enter it as well. This field only displays on the storefront when you use it. It also applies to all variant products, unless you manually assigned a lower price for an individual variant. If you want to set a unique sale price for each variant, we recommend creating those variants as separate product listings.
  4. In the drop zone, add a photo. For more information, see "How to Manage and Edit Images".
  5. In the Description field, enter descriptive text. This value isn't required, but it helps your customers make informed purchasing decisions and it helps search engines index your website's content so it ranks higher in search results. You can style the text as you like, or add HTML, images, and videos using the buttons across the top. For automatically-generated content, press Help Me Write in the Quick Write section and fill out the questionnaire. To insert an existing product review, press Add Existing Product Review and submit the requested information.
  6. If you know where you want to place the item on your store, use the Categories section to apply it to existing categories. As you type, Volusion suggests existing categories that match your text. You can add a product to as many categories as you like. Select one or more from the suggestions. If there are no matches, you can create the category as you go (select + Create a New Category). To make sure it has everything you need, you can edit it later at your convenience.
  7. If you've already created one or more informational pages and you'd like to display them on this product page, press Choose a Page to select from your list.
  8. If you've already created other products that you want to display as related on this particular product page, press the Select a Product field and choose from the suggestions, or type a product name to get new suggestions.
  9. Press Save. All done!

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