VOLT's Site Designer feature has a dedicated Page for creating your store's Privacy Policy and there are several options for displaying it within your store. To get started, open the Site Designer feature by clicking the Site Designer icon in the Left Navigation Menu on your store's Dashboard.

Using the Page: Home dropdown menu at the top left of the Site Designer Page, choose the Privacy page.

The Privacy block already exists as a Text Block on the Privacy Page. To personalize the block, mouse over it and click the Edit button that appears at the top left corner of the block.

Edit options for the block include deleting it or moving its position on the page. Additional columns can be added and the existing text information can be edited (more on that later). Top and bottom padding can be changed. Background, Text, and Link colors can be edited. To save any edits, click the Done button at the bottom of the edit popout.

You can change the Privacy Policy Text by clicking Item 1 under Columns and then clicking the blue Edit Text button. An Edit Text popup will appear, allowing you to add and edit your text. The text editor includes functionality for changing fonts and font sizes, changing font style, adding lists, embedding files, adding images, and editing paragraph style. When your field is edited, save your changes by clicking the Update button at the bottom right of the popup.

When your edits to the Privacy Policy are complete, click the Done button at the bottom of the Text Block popout.

Your final step should be to click the green Publish button at the top right of the Site Designer page. Until this button is clicked your changes will not be visible on your storefront.

Displaying your Privacy Policy

Many Themes have a preloaded link in their Footer Section for your Privacy Policy. If you wish to use this location and your Theme does not feature a link, see our How to Edit Your Footer Block article for information on adding one.

Another option is to add the page to your site's Navigation Menu using the Menu Editor. Access the Menu Editor by clicking its icon on your Dashboard's left Navigation menu.

To add your Privacy Page to your navigation Menu, click the Plus Sign icon in the top right of the Menu Editor page and choose Page from the popup list. Scroll down the list of available pages, locate Privacy and click it. You can edit its location in the Menu using the 6 dot action button to the left of the Menu item. Click the Save button at the top left when you are finished editing.

Your Privacy Page is now linked in your Homepage's Navigation Menu.

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