The Variants feature enhances the Products feature by letting you set up variant versions of your products easily without having to create a separate product for each variant (size, color, etc.) in your inventory. You can create as many variants of your main products as you like.

Check out the video below to learn more, or keep scrolling down to read step-by-step instructions:

Getting Started

To get started, go to a product for which you'd like to add variants and scroll down to the Variants section:

How to Create Variants

Before you can create variants, you must create at least one group classification for them. To create a variant group:

  1. Press Add Variant Group.
  2. In the Variant Name field, enter the grouping name of your choice (for example, "Size"). You can repeat this procedure as many times as you like to add more variant groups (for example, "Color").
  3. In the Variant Values field, enter the selection name of your choice (for example, "Large" or "Red").
  4. Press ENTER on your device keyboard. As you create values, you'll see corresponding labels for them appear in the Variant Values section. You'll also see variant products appear in the Edit Products section below.
  5. Press Save.

To add more values to the group, press the Variant Value field and repeat the steps 3-5 above. You can add as many values to a group as you like. When you're finished, save.

For more information about variants, see the following articles:

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