In the Integrations feature, you'll find the apps you can add to your store. Apps are new icons you can add to your Home Screen for extra functionality. To access it, press the Integrations icon on the Left Navigation Menu of your Dashboard page.

At the top of the Integrations page, you'll find three tabs: My Apps, Integrations, and API Keys.

My Apps

The My Apps tab displays all of the apps you currently have installed on your store.

Click on an app to open it. Click on the three-dot icon to the right of the app name to open a menu allowing you to view more details about an app, or uninstall it.

The View App Store button will take you to the Integrations tab.

The Featured Apps section displays the newest and most popular apps.

Click on an app to open a pop-up window with a description of the app and an orange Install button.


Click on the Integrations tab or the View App Store button to see a list of available apps, arranged as tiles.

Hover over a tile to see the app developer. Click to open the app details pop-up.

In the pop-up, you'll find a short description, info about the developer, and the full list of core apps that the app enhances. To install the app, click Install and then Confirm Install.

After you confirm the installation, the app is available in the My Apps section.

Uninstalling an App

To uninstall an app from your store, navigate to the app in the list under My Apps and click the three-dot menu next to the name of the app. Select Uninstall, then confirm your choice by clicking Uninstall App.

Keep in mind that you will lose access to an app's functionality once it is uninstalled.

API Keys

API Keys allow you to create custom integrations with many 3rd Party Applications.

Creating and editing API Keys is outlined in the article VOLT API Keys.

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