A website's theme is the framework for its design elements. The theme defines the colors and fonts, spacing and positioning, and content types that can display in each area of the storefront for all device types. It also determines the capabilities and limitations you find in the Content section of the Store Editor app.

A theme is applied to every Volusion store by default. You can download additional free and paid themes from the Theme Store app.

Check out this video to learn more about Themes, or scroll down to read all about it!

You'll arrive at the All Themes tab by default. Here, you'll find a grid of tiles that display basic information about each available theme. In the bottom left corner of each tile, you'll see the theme name. On the right, you'll see either "Free" or a price. Press any theme tile to see more details.

On the theme details page, you'll find:

  • several status labels specific to your store (read on for further details)
  • a short description
  • a list of included features
  • information about the latest available version
  • the name of the developer
  • information about where you can get support for any problems you encounter when using the theme.

Preview a New Theme

On the theme details page, below the theme name, you'll find a Preview option:

Press it to see how the theme would look and act when applied to your site. Use the device selector to change the display according to device type:

You can choose Desktop width, Tablet width, Mobile width, or Fullscreen.

Install a New Free Theme

In the case of a free theme, press Install and confirm to add it to your Installed section.

Buy a New Premium Theme

In the case of a premium theme, press Purchase to buy it. Once you've completed the process, it will appear in your Installed section just like a free theme.

For information about how to manage installed themes, see "Theme Store: Installed".

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