If you don't want to set up each product in your store one at a time, Volusion lets you import many at once using a spreadsheet. Check out this video to learn how, or scroll down to read a step-by-step guide.

To get started, go to your Products app. If you don't have any products in your store yet, press the Import via CSV option on your empty products list page. If you've already added at least one product, you can access the option by clicking the Import button located at the top right of the Product List page.

To format your spreadsheet correctly, press View our sample template CSV and download the template document.

Then input your data, consulting our importing guide for further info as necessary.

Once your spreadsheet is ready, drag it into the drop zone, or click Choose File and locate it on your device. Click the Import button to start your Product import.

Congratulations! You've imported your products.

Guidelines and Tips

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Import files must be saved with a .csv file extension.
  • The maximum file size is 5MB. If you have more data than that, we recommend splitting it into multiple smaller files.
  • All columns are required in the order they appear in the template document, but the only columns that require values for all rows are "Key", "Product Name", and "Price".
  • Cells in some rows accept more than one value, such as "Category", "Image URL", and "Image Alt Text". Separate multiple values with commas (no spaces).
  • To signify a subcategory, use the "/" character. Again, don't use spaces before or after. Volusion allows up to one subcategory per category.
  • The "Key" value is the unique identifier for each main product (and it's required for all entries). Reuse a main product's key to indicate variants.
  • If you use the Advanced Descriptions extension, an Advanced Description field replaces the default Description field. This means that if you enter data for both columns in a given row, only the advanced version appears in your Admin Area and on your storefront. Note: The Advanced Descriptions extension is now obsolete and no longer available.
  • At this time, you can't use importing to update data on existing products. Trying to do so will result in duplicates. If you'd like to import an updated version of the product, be sure to delete the previous version.
  • When you encounter errors, valid entries in your file will still import. To avoid duplicates, you may want to delete any successful imports from your Products app before attempting import again.
  • Please consult our Product Importing Spreadsheet Guideline for more information on required fields.
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