Creating a New Discount

To access the Products feature, click the Discounts icon on the left Navigation Menu of your store's Dashboard.

Discount Type

Once you have accessed the Discounts feature, click the Add button at the top right to begin configuring your Discount.

When you click Add to create a new Discount you are presented with the option of an Automatic or Manual Discount. Choose the appropriate option for your discount and click it to move to the next step. The Cancel button at bottom right will bring you back to the main Discounts page.

Discount Code

When creating a Discount you will need to add a name in the Discount Name field. There is an option to Generate a code that inputs a random string of numbers and letters OR you can type in your own Discount code.

Automatic Discount

When creating an Automatic Discount you will need to add a name in the Discount Name field. There is NO field for a Discount Code as one is not required.

After this point creation for both the Discount Code and the Automatic Discount are the same.

Types, Value & Applies To

The Types section will dictate what shows up on the rest of the page. Different components will appear depending on your selection. The options for Types are:


Fixed Amount

Bulk Pricing

Buy X get Y

Be aware that if you switch types you will lose the information you previously selected.

The Value field shows only for the Percentage and Fixed Amount Types. Enter a number for the Percentage Type or a dollar amount for the Fixed Amount Type.

The Applies To section allows you to choose if your discount will be applied to the Entire Order, a Specific Category or a Specific Product.

We will take a look at Bulk Pricing and Buy X get Y later in this article.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements will give the user the ability to set what threshold will trigger the discount. Minimum Requirements only appears on the Percentage or Fixed Amount Types. It offers the option of no minimum requirement (None), a minimum purchase dollar amount or a minimum quantity of items.

Usage Limits

Usage Limits will give the user the ability to set how many times this discount can be used and/or if it is allowed once per customer. Click the first checkbox to set the number times the discount can be used. You can type a number in the field or use the up/down arrows to increase or decrease the limit. Check the Limit to one per customer checkbox to allow each customer (as determined by IP address) to only use the discount once.

Active Dates

Active Dates will give the user the ability to set when the Discount starts and optionally when it ends. The dates are set to Local Time Zone for your store address.

Bulk Pricing

Bulk Pricing discount will allow you to create tiers of a Minimum quantity purchase will give the shopper dollars or a percentage off. To set up Bulk Pricing click the Bulk Pricing radio button under Types.

Like the Percentage and Fixed Amount Types, Bulk Pricing can be set up for dollar amount or percentage off by choosing the appropriate radio button. Bulk Pricing can also be set to apply to the Entire Order, Specific Categories or Specific Products by clicking the appropriate radio button in the Applies To section.

Tiers are set up to control the application of Bulk Pricing.

Buy X get Y

Buy X get Y allows you to set up a discount where a customer chooses a product and gets an additional product as a reward. It can be set by quantity or price.

The Customer Buys section allows merchants to set either a minimum quantity or a minimum purchase amount for a specific product, or a specific category in order to receive the discount in the Get section. A Search function allows you to find the product or category you want to have the Customer Buys items come from.

The Customer Gets section allows merchants to choose a specific product or category for the discounted item that the customer will receive. The quantity of the item can be set as well. You can also choose to offer the Customer Gets item for Free or at a Percentage discount. You can also dictate if the customer can receive this discount multiple times in one order or only once.

Summary Section

The Summary on the right side of the Discounts page will update as you create your discount to give you a high level overview and track your selections as they change.

When you have a Discount built to your satisfaction make sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the Discounts page to save your selections.

The Discounts list allows you to view existing discounts, delete discounts, or view specific discounts by clicking on their name. A discount may be deactivated and reactivated by clicking on the discount and using the Deactivate/Activate link in the top right of the page.

Stacking Discounts

Stacking discounts at checkout is allowed with the following rules in place:

When multiple discounts on the same order apply to different products, those discounts will stack.

When multiple discounts on the same order apply to the same products the discounts do not stack, and the deepest discount will apply.

When multiple discounts apply to both the order and products, the product discount applies first and then the order discount applies to the new total after the product discount.

When multiple discounts apply to an order, they do not stack, instead the deepest discount will apply.

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