VOLT treats Gift Cards and Store Credit the same, and both can be issued through your store. If you are creating a Gift Card to be a purchasable product in your VOLT store, click HERE. To create Gift Cards on your site, open the Gift Cards feature by clicking the Gift Cards icon in the Left Navigation Menu on your store's Dashboard.

Creating Gift Cards

This will open the Gift Cards page. To issue Store Credit/create a Gift Card click the Issue Store Credit button located in the center of the page.

The feature can also be accessed by clicking the Plus Sign icon marked Issue Credit at the top right of the page.

To create your Gift Card, choose the option for the Gift Code. The first option will allow the system to create a random string of letters and numbers to use as the code.

The second option, marked Enter My Own Code, will allow you to add your own code. To use this option, click the radio button for the option and enter your code in the field provided.

In the Initial Value field, enter the amount of the Gift Card or Store Credit. Enter the amount in whole numbers, using 2 decimal places for any amount less than a dollar, and do not use the dollar sign ($) in the field.

In the Customer Email field, enter the email for the customer receiving the Gift Card or Store Credit.

In the Message To Recipient field merchants can enter a note that will be visible to the customer who receives the Gift Card or Store Credit.

On the right side of the page, there is a Notes (Internal Only) field. This field allows a merchant to add a note to a Gift Card or Store Credit that is no visible to the customer.

When you have completed the fields for your Gift Card or Store Credit, click the Save button located at the bottom right of the page.

Once saved, the customer will receive an email advising them of their Gift Card.

Managing Gift Cards

Once created, your Gift Card will also be listed on the Gift Cards page.

To access a Gift Card, click its code on the Gift Card list. You can then see the fields as filled out on the Gift Card Details page. Once created, a card cannot be edited, only deactivated, or deleted. The only exception to this is the Comments (Internal Only) field. This field can be edited and changes saved with the Save button at the bottom right of the page.

To Deactivate a card, click the Deactivate link on the Gift Card Details page. Once a card is deactivated, it is no longer usable and the deactivation cannot be reversed.

A deactivated card will indicate its status by showing a Deactivated bubble above the truncated card number.

The Gift Card email can be resent to the customer using the Resend link.

Clicking the Resend link opens a confirmation popup. Click the Send button to Resend the Gift Card email to the customer. The resent email is an exact copy of the original Gift Card email.

The Gift Card Details page features information about the Gift Card including a truncated Gift Card number, the initial value for the card, the amount that has been used on the card (which will change as the card is spent) and the current remaining balance on the card.

Recipient information includes the manner in which the card was issued (manually or through a customer purchase), the customer's name (if the card was purchased by a customer), the email of the recipient, and the date the card was issued. Additionally, any note added to the card is listed. This is the customer-facing note and could have been added upon purchase, or by the merchant upon manual creation of the card.

The History of the card is listed. Any significant events, such as the card being issued or the balance changing, are listed.

Finally, at the bottom of the Gift Card Details page, the Comments (Internal Only) field is shown. These notes are not visible to the customer.

To delete a Gift Card locate the card on the Gift Cards page. Click the checkbox next to the card you wish to delete. A Delete link will appear. Click the link to delete the card. Multiple cards can be deleted at one time.

At the top right of the Gift Cards page, the Search field allows a merchant to search for a specific Gift Card.

To the right of the Search field, the View menu is used to change what criteria show on the Gift Cards list.

Click the View link to open the menu. You can then use the checkboxes to the left of the individual criteria to decide what you would like to see on your Gift Cards list. Criteria are added as you click their checkboxes and when complete, simply click anywhere else on the page to close the menu.

Gift Cards as a Product

Your store also features a pre-configured Gift Card product that you can offer to your customers. To add this product to your store, access the Gift Cards icon in the left-hand navigation menu, then utilize the following steps:

From the Gift Cards page, click the Create Gift Card button.

Clicking this button will change the Create Gift Card text to read Manage Gift Card. This indicates that your Gift Card product has been created and you can now view it.

To view your Gift Card product, return to your store's Dashboard and click the Products icon on the left hand Navigation Menu.

Your Gift Card product will be listed using the SKU V-gift-card in your Products List. To edit the product, click the SKU.

You will be taken to your Gift Card's product Update Page.

The Price and Weight of your Gift Card product should be left at zero. Edits to price are made in the Variants section, and the product is delivered electronically, so it requires no shipping information, such as weight.

You can edit the stock image provided for your Gift Card product by deleting the image (using the X on the image mouseover) and uploading a new image from your site's Image Gallery.

A description for your product can be added in the Description section.

Assign your Gift Card to a category in the Parent Category section. This will allow your customers to find it. You may consider adding it to all categories or creating a specific category just for Gift Cards.

In the Shipping and Tax section, both the Requires Shipping and Taxable setting should be OFF. This will make sure your customers are not charged for shipping or tax on this product.

The price for your Gift Card(s) can be set using the Price field in the Variants section. You can keep the 3 default variants, add more variants or delete variants as needed. You can also add a variant-specific image that customers will see when they choose that variant from the product dropdown. For additional information on creating/editing variants, please see our Product Variants article.

When you have completed your edits, make sure to click the Save button at the top left of the product page.

Your Gift Card product will now show on your storefront.

On your storefront, the Gift Card product will initially show zero for the main price. When a price variant (amount of gift card) is added to a customer cart they will see a message indicating the cost, and the item will be viewable in the cart with its variant price.

Gift Cards at Checkout

On checkout, the Gift Card number can be added to the Promo Code field in the Order Summary section. Once the code is entered, click the Apply button to apply the Gift Card to the order.

Once applied, the last 4 digits of the code will be displayed in the order summary and the order total will update to reflect the new total.

If the gift card does not cover the full amount of the order, the shopper will be required to select a payment method to pay for the remainder of the order as shown in this example.

Order Processing with Gift Cards

Order processing remains unchanged for the most part. Here are a few important points to keep in mind:

  • Funds from a gift card are automatically ‘captured’ at the time the order is placed

  • Orders that are paid completely by a gift will default to showing a status of ‘in progress’ and ‘paid’

  • Cancelling / Refunding an order paid for using a gift card will return the balance to the gift card

  • The payment method section will display the full gift card code that was used as well as indicate all payment methods used when more than one payment method is present.

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