Categories for your VOLT site are added using the Categories List Feature. But what if you need additional items in your Menu? Things like Pages or Links or even Products? Those can all be added using the Menu Editor Feature. To access the feature, click the Menu Editor icon in the Left navigation menu on your Dashboard.

On initial access, the Menu Editor will most likely show your store's Categories.

You can compare this Menu Editor list to your existing Categories by accessing the Categories Feature.

To add additional items to your menu, locate the Plus Sign icon at the top right of the Menu Editor Page. Click it to see a list of items that can be added.

Clicking the Plus Sign icon will open a list of available items. Make a choice from this list by clicking an Item Category. In this example, we chose Page. Upon choosing an Item Category you will see a list of available items. Click on an item to add it to the Menu. We chose the About Us Page to add to our Menu.

When you have completed adding your new Menu Item, click the Save button at the top left of the page to save your changes.

Your chosen item (in our case, a link to our store's About Us Page) is now added to your site's main Storefront Menu.

The Menu Editor can also be used to set the display order of items on the menu. Items can be moved using the 6 Dot icon next to the item's name.

Click on an item's 6 Dot icon using your left mouse button and hold it. This will allow the item to be moved to a different location in the Menu order. Release your mouse's left button to "drop" the item in its new location.

Click the Save button at the top left of the page to save your changes.

There are 4 Item choices in the "Add an item" popup menu. The first item is Category. Click it to choose a Category to add.

The list of available items will correspond to your current Category list and will also include a link to Add a Category. Clicking this will allow you to create and then choose a new Category. Click an item on the list to add it to your site's menu.

The second item on the choice popup is Product. Click it to see a list of Products to add to your menu.

Clicking Product will display a list of the products on your site. Click a Product to add a direct link to its Product Detail page in your menu. You can also choose Add a Product to create and choose a new product to add to your menu.

The items on your Product choice list will correspond to your site's Product list, accessible by clicking the Product Feature icon in the Left Navigation Menu on your Dashboard.

The third item on the choice popup is Link. Click this item to create a link in your Menu.

Clicking the Link option will allow you to add both the Link Text and Link URL to your menu. Once you have entered both, click the Save button to create the Link. Links can be both external and internal.

The last item on the choice popup is Page. Clicking it will open a list of Pages that you can add to your menu.

A list of created Pages will show on the popup. Click a Page name to add its corresponding link to your menu. This section also features a Search function to locate a specific Page.

The list of available Pages corresponds to the Page: Home dropdown Menu located at the top of the page in Site Designer.

The Menu Editor can make your site's menu a great spot for your customers to find all the information they need and easily navigate to it.

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