To Refund an Order, first, access the Orders feature by clicking the Orders icon on your store's Dashboard page. The icon is located in the Left Navigation Menu.

Using the Orders List locate the order you wish to refund. Orders in any status can be refunded. Click anywhere on the order line to access the Order Details page.

On the Order Details page, locate the 3 Dot action button at the top right of the page. Click it to open the Order menu. Choose Mark Order As Returned from the dropdown menu. This will open the Original Invoice popup. Located at bottom right is an Issue Refund button. Clicking this will refund the order amount back to its original payment method.

Mark Order as Returned is located on the 3 Dot action button dropdown.

Issue Refund button is located on the Original Invoice popup.

Once the Issue Refund button is clicked the popup is closed and the Order will show Order Refunded status at the top right of the Order Details page.

Returning to the Orders page, the Refunded Order will not be visible on the Orders List when viewing it in Inbox, New or In-Progress modes. To view refunded orders, choose the Archived mode. You will be able to see any refunded orders. They will show Order Refunded as their status.

To refund less than the full order amount, edit the Refund Amount field on the Original order Invoice popup. Enter the amount to be refunded and click the Issue Refund button at the bottom right of the page.

The Order Detail page for any partial refund will indicate the refund amount in the Order details, above the Order Total.

Additional amounts can be refunded by choosing Mark Order as Returned from the 3 Dot action button and repeating the above process.

If the full order amount has been refunded Mark Order as Returned will not show as an option on the dropdown.

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