Creating an API Key

To create an API Key from your VOLT dashboard, click Integrations on the left hand Navigation Menu.

Select the API Keys tab, then click Create an API Key.

Enter a name and click Next to generate your API Key. Copy your key and keep it in a safe place. Once you click the GOT IT button to complete the process, your API Key will no longer be visible.

After Creating an API Key...

Click the Pencil icon to change the API Key name. To delete your API Key, click the Trash Can icon, then click Delete in the confirmation pop-up.

To add an additional API Key, click Create Key.

Important Information

Once an API Key is created and copied, it is no longer visible within the Volusion platform. If you have lost an API Key, delete it and generate a new one.

For additional information, check out our VOLT API documentation located HERE and THIS ARTICLE outlining the process for creating an integration.

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