To export your Product Comma Separated Value spreadsheet you will need to access the Products Feature. Click the Products icon on the left Navigation Menu of your store's Dashboard.

Locate your Product List on the Products Page. At the top left of the Product List is a checkbox. Checking this box will allow you to begin the Export process. With the box checked your entire Product list will be exported.

To export specific Products, uncheck the boxes in front of any product you do not wish to have on the Export. Once you have determined which Products are to be exported, click the Export icon.

Clicking the Export icon will open a pop-up indicating that the system is ready to export your Products. Click the Start Export button to begin your export.

An additional pop-up will indicate that your Export has been sent to the email of record for your store. The email of record for your store can be located (and edited) by clicking the Settings icon in the left Navigation menu of your store's Dashboard. The email is located in the Store Name & Email section.

To open the CSV spreadsheet containing your Products navigate to your email and locate an email message from the email address The Subject Line will read "Products: Your CSV export is ready" followed by the export file name.

Open the email message and in the message body click the Download your file button.

Clicking this button will open the spreadsheet containing your Products. Typically the spreadsheet will open using your default spreadsheet program. If you need to open the spreadsheet using a different program it is also saved in your system's Download folder.

Exports can be used to track important information such as Inventory by SKU. Once exported, you can edit the spreadsheet and import the changes to your store. The import function is explained in THIS ARTICLE.

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