1. From your store's Dashboard, choose the Settings icon from the left Navigation Menu.

2. Choose Shipping from the top menu on the Settings Page. 

3. Locate the "Curbside Pickup" section and click the Active toggle. The primary address from your Store Addresses section will populate automatically. If you need to choose an alternate address, click the Change Pickup Address button and choose the correct address from the "Select Pickup Address" dropdown. You will need to have the address you intend to use for Curbside Pickup saved in your Store Addresses.

Curbside Pickup will now be offered to your customers as an option at checkout. 

When a customer adds a product to their cart and proceeds to check out, they will see a message in the "Shipping Address" section of your store's checkout page indicating that Curbside Pickup is an option.

The message directs your customer to continue entering their shipping address in order to choose Curbside Pickup. This step must be completed even if they are choosing Curbside Pickup as the shipping method to assist with billing verification.

After entering their Shipping Address information your customer is able to choose "Curbside Pickup" in the Shipping Method section of the checkout page. They will click the Continue to Payment & Review button to proceed.

After clicking the Complete Order button your customer's checkout summary page will include their choice of Curbside Pickup in the Delivery & Shipping section.

The Order Confirmation email sent to your customer will also include a Shipping Method notation indicating their choice of Curbside Pickup.

After the Order is Placed

When fulfilling a Curbside Pickup order, you will need to choose "In-person pickup" from the Tracking Information dropdown on the Order Fulfillment section of the order. You can then add pickup-specific information to the Tracking Number field, such as "Park in spot #2 and we will bring your order out." Clicking the Fulfill button will send a shipping notification email to the customer containing this information.

Your customer will receive an email indicating that their order is ready for pickup. It will include your phone number and your custom tracking message.

Additional Steps

Here area few additional helpful articles to walk you through setting up a Local Delivery option and using Daily Inventory on your products to make sure customers know what is in stock.

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