1. From your store's Dashboard click the Site Designer icon in the left Navigation Menu.

2. Choose "Product Details" from the Page: Home dropdown menu located at the top of the Site Designer page.

3. Hover over the Product Details Block and click the Edit button that appears on the left side of the Block.

4. You may now edit the Block using the controls on the left. Click the Done button when you have completed your changes. If you are ready to apply the changes to your live site, click the Publish button located a the top left of the Site Designer page.

Product Detail Page Controls

Arrows to move block up or down the page
Make this block reusable. (slider)
*Changes made to a reusable block appear on every page that shares that block.
Full Width Selection (slider)

Product Images:
Main Image Position
Show Arrows (slider)
Enable Thumbnails (slider)
Thumbnail Position

Product Details:
Description Position
Show Low Stock Message (slider)
Low Stock Message


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