Block- A block is a customizable unit of content on a page that has both functionality and styling. Blocks can be used to build a highly customized storefront and can also pull data from external sources.

Existing Blocks

Your store has pre-built Blocks that can be accessed from your Site Designer feature. Your store will have Header and Footer Blocks that display on all Pages of the site as well as Slideshow, Featured Products, and Text with Image Blocks that appear only on your store's Homepage. 

These Blocks can be edited by clicking the Edit or Edit Template buttons that show when you hover over a Block in Site designer. 

Additional Pages on your site also have editable Blocks. For instance, the Category Page features an All Products Block.

Adding Blocks to Pages

You also have the ability to add additional Blocks to Pages. By clicking the blue plus sign Add Block button you can see any additional Blocks that are available to add to a Page. 

Clicking this button will open a menu featuring any available Blocks. You may then click the Block you wish to add to see its Add Block button. The Block will be added to your Page and will be editable using its Edit button.

Additional Available Blocks

Site Designer Blocks: Misc

Site Designer Blocks: Blog

Site Designer Blocks: Testimonials

Site Designer Blocks: FAQs

Site Designer Blocks: Products

Site Designer Blocks: Image Gallery

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