Every good store needs products to sell and online stores are no exception. The Volusion Products feature allows you to add those products to your store.

Accessing the Products feature

To access the Products feature, click the Products icon on the left Navigation Menu of your store's Dashboard. 

The Products page consists of a Product list containing important information about the products in your store.

This information includes Product Name, SKU, Stock Quantity, Price and Last Modified Date.

Deleting Products

Products can be deleted by clicking on the individual Product Edit Page. However, if you need to delete Products in bulk, this option is available on the Product list page. To delete in bulk, click the checkbox at the top of the Product list. All items on the list will be highlighted and show corresponding checks. To delete, click the trash can icon that appears on the right side of the Product list. A pop-up will ask you to confirm your choice to remove the product. 

Adding Products

To add a Product, click the Plus Sign icon at the top right of the Product page. This will open the Product Edit Page for your new Product. 

You can now enter the information for your new Product. Once you have added the required information you will see a Save button appear at the top right of the Product Edit page. Click this button to save your Product and make it available in your store.


General Product Information

The first section of the Product Edit page covers Product name, prices, and weight. 

  • Name is a required field, so begin by giving your Product a name. 

  • For Price, you have two options. The standard Price field is required, so be sure and fill that out. As a second option, you can add a Sale Price. When added, this will strike-through the Product's original Price and display the Sale Price in both the Category and Product page views. 

  • Weight is measured in pounds for all products. Entering 1 in this field will create a product with a 1 pound weight. Entering a product with a .5 weight will create a product with a half-pound weight. If your Products are currently listed in ounces, you can do a quick conversion to pounds by dividing the ounces by 16.

Product Images

To add an image to the product, click the Browse Gallery button in the Image Uploader section. You can choose one, or multiple images for your product. If the image you need is not yet in the Image Gallery, you can use the Upload Images button to add images from your computer to the Image Gallery. Images can also be dragged and dropped directly into the Image Uploader section.

Product Description

Writing a Product Description is your next step. Volusion provides a section for you to add text, links, and other items to let your customers know about this product.

The Description field takes both plain text and HTML. You can format your text, add bulleted and numbered lists, create links, and add images and videos.

Parent Category

Your Product can be added to a Parent Category at this point using the Categories section. Click the Add a Category text and begin typing the name of a Category. You will then see a Category list and can choose the appropriate Category. A Product can be added to multiple Categories if desired.

Once your Category is set, you can add any Related Products you wish. These Related products will display at the bottom of the Product page and provide an opportunity to gain additional sales by offering products that complement each other. To add Related Products, click the Select a Product text and choose your Related Products from the list. You can also search for products in this field by typing the term and selecting the appropriate product.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an important element that helps customers locate your product. Volusion gives you several options to make that happen. The Product SEO section includes the ability to add a custom URL for the product as well as fields for a Title Tag and a Meta Description. When you fill these out you can view how they will look on a Google search using the Google result preview section at the bottom. 


Variants enhance your Products by letting you offer different versions of your product without having to create a separate Product for each variant (size, color, etc.) in your inventory. Variants are added by Groups, which represent similar varieties. You might have a Group for Size, another for Color, etc. To get started, click the Add Variant Group text in the Variants section of your Product.

For a deeper dive into setting up variants, see "Product Variants."


For merchants who track inventory, knowing how much stock you have on hand and not overselling a product can be important. You can easily track inventory for a Product and each of its variants using the Inventory feature. To begin managing stock, click the Start Tracking Inventory text in the Inventory section of your Product. 

For additional information on tracking inventory, see "Product inventory."


If you have a spreadsheet or list of Products, those can be directly imported into your Volusion store. For more information on this process, see "Products: Importing."

For additional assistance setting up Products, feel free to contact Volusion. Chat assistance is available 24/7. To learn more about using it click HERE. 

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