You can use your Categories feature to set up and edit categories individually, and then further edit them via Site Designer.

Accessing Categories

Your Category list can be accessed by clicking the Category icon located in the Left Navigation Menu on your Dashboard.

Clicking this icon will open the Category page and you will see your Category list. For information on editing your Category list, see "Menu Editor: Multi-level Menus." By default, new sites will have an All Products category already created. You can use this category or delete it and create your own. 

Creating a Category

To create a new category, begin by clicking the Plus Sign icon located at the top right of the Category page. 

Clicking this icon will open a new Category page, where you can enter pertinent information for your Category. When you have completed your Category set-up, click the Save button located at the top left of the Category page. If you do not click this button, your Category will not be saved, and will not show on your store.

Category Name

The first thing your Category will need is a name. You can enter this in the Name field.


Located under the Name field is a checkbox labeled "Add this Category to Site Menu". It is checked by default. This allows the Category to be automatically added to the store's Site Menu and causes it to appear on the Home page of the store. If you are creating a Category that you do not want to appear on the storefront immediately, you can uncheck this box and the Category can be added later using the Menu Editor.

Category Image

You can also add an image for the Category. Images can either be dragged and dropped or uploaded from your site's Image Gallery.
To add an image saved on your computer: 

  1. Click the Browse Gallery button in the image section of your Category. 

  2. If your image is not yet loaded in the Image Gallery, click the Upload Images button in the top right of the Image Gallery pop-up. 

  3. Locate the image in your saved files, click it, and then click the Open button in your File Manager. 

The image will now be available in your Image Gallery, and will be selected by default. To use it, click the Use button at the top right of the Image Gallery pop-up. Your image should now be added to the Category. For information about uploading, editing, and deleting images, see our article on the Image Gallery. 

Category Description

You can also add a Category Description to let your customers know what they are currently shopping for. Type your information in the Description field, located below the Image section -in plain text or HTML input. Text can be linked with the section and you can also add images or videos. For more information, see our article on the Category Description. 

If you wish to have your new category be a subcategory of an already existing category, use the Parent Category field. Enter the name of the category that your new category will be a subcategory for. The field will show you the available options once you begin to type.

After creating your Category Description and deciding if you need a subcategory, you can choose to add products to your Category. If you choose not to add products at this point, they can be added later, directly from the Products.

To add products tom the Category, click on the Select a Product text in the Product section. This will open a list of your current products. Choose the product by clicking on it and it will be added to the Category. 

The final step is to add Search Engine Optimization information for your Category. The Page URL text field can be used to create a custom URL for your category. Type the name you wish to use for your Category in the Page URL text field. In most cases, this will match the Category Name you entered above. 

In the lower two lines of the SEO section you can add a Title Tag and a Meta Description for your Category. When they are entered, you will be able to see a preview of the Google search result for this Category. 

Viewing your Category

Make sure to click the Save button at the top right of the page.

As long as you have "Add This Category to Site Menu checked", your Category should now show in the Menu section of your live store. To view this category use the 3 dot action button at the top right of your Category Page and choose the View Category option.

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