To begin tracking stock, press 'Start Tracking Inventory' in the Inventory section of an existing product.

In the Inventory section, you will see an automatically-generated SKU value based on the Name value. This SKU is editable by changing or replacing the text in the SKU field.

Next to the SKU is a "Quantity" field. Enter the on-hand total directly, or use the up and down arrows on the right to adjust. When you're ready to set the initial quantity, press 'Set', and then 'Save' at the top left of the page.

The merchant will now see the Quantity value they set.

Merchants can use the Update Quantity field to manually change the on-hand count at any time.

The Add / Set toggle is set to Add by default. Simply enter the amount you'd like to add to your current total in the Quantity field (you can also use the up and down arrows on the right to adjust the value), press Update, and then press Save at the top right of the page. The new Quantity will be the previous count plus the count that was added.

To lower the quantity, simply add a dash before the value in the Update Quantity field.

You can flip the toggle to Set if you wish to overwrite your product's quantity. The new value entered in Update Quantity will overwrite the Quantity value. Be sure to click both 'Update' and 'Save' (at the top left of the page) to lock in your changes.

Stock quantity will change with sales and returns.

In the event that a merchant has activates the Variants extension, Inventory will be controlled there. A note indicating this will show in the Inventory section. 

Tracking inventory allows you to keep track of what you have in stock, know what needs to be pushed versus what may be in short supply. It helps with reordering, sale planning and just gives you a better handle on what your store is selling.

To read more about Product Variants, click HERE.

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