The QuickBooks Online app by OneSaas lets you automate workflows and sync data from your VOLT store. To take advantage of this integration, download the QuickBooks Online app for free in Integrations.

You'll need a QuickBooks Online account to use this app. If you don't already have one, you can sign up for a plan or create a free trial through the QuickBooks website.


Quick Setup

Once you've downloaded the QuickBooks Online app, open it from the Installed Apps section of your Home Screen.

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Step-by-Step Instructions 

  1. Under "Already a QuickBooks Online Customer," click Connect to QuickBooks.

  2. In the QuickBooks dialog window that appears, click Connect to enable the API connection between your Volusion store and QuickBooks Online. Once the app has successfully connected, you can configure your settings. 

  3. Under Synchronization Options, select your current time zone and the date from which you want to start syncing store data (typically today's date). 

  4. Select the checkbox to agree to the app's terms and conditions, then click Turn Integration On.

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Manage Settings

Use the Manage tab to specify how QuickBooks Online syncs data from your Volusion store. Here, you can configure automated workflows for Orders, Products, and Stock Levels.


Use this section to automatically send orders from Volusion to QuickBooks Online as sales.

Under Retrieve Orders from Volusion, select one or more order statuses to determine which orders will be synced to QuickBooks Online.

Click Advanced Options to expose a variety of other options for syncing order data, including defaults for the following:

  • values and prefixes for Order Number, Shipping Item, and Discount Product

  • statuses for Paid and Unpaid invoices and invoice Tax Status

  • assignments for Customer, Customer Organization, Transaction Due Date 

  • invoice numbers

Use the Map Tax Codes section to assign a QuickBooks tax code that corresponds to your Volusion tax status. 

Select Create New Items in QuickBooks Online to specify whether new items will be defined as Inventoried or Non-Inventoried, assign default Income and Expense accounts, and more. 

Select Send Payments from Volusion to QuickBooks Online in order to map specific Volusion payment methods to corresponding methods in QuickBooks. Note that in order for a payment method to appear as a mappable account in the QuickBooks dropdown, you need to configure it in the Banking section of your QuickBooks Online account.

You can also create Filters that tell QuickBooks to include or exclude specific information when syncing Volusion orders: 

  • Click Edit Filters, then click the "+" icon

  • Choose Include or Exclude  

  • Select the filter criteria for inclusion or exclusion (Shipping Country Code, Shipping State, Transaction Date, Shipping Method, Fully Paid status, or Tags)

  • Select the state (such as is / is not) and the secondary criteria (such as a specific date or status)

  • Click OK to save the new filter, then OK again to exit the filter editing dialog box 

Important: Once you've updated your desired settings, be sure to click Save in the bottom right corner of the section. 

You can always update or clear the settings you configured by clicking Edit in the top right corner of the section:


Use this section to automatically create a new item in QuickBooks when you create a new product in Volusion.

You can assign the following default assignments for new products you create:

  • Income and Expense accounts

  • Inventoried or Non-Inventoried status

  • COGS and Inventory Asset accounts (for Inventoried items)

Again, be sure to click Save in the bottom right corner of the section once you've updated your settings. 

Stock Levels

Select this option to ensure that product stock levels in Volusion are automatically updated when you change them in QuickBooks. 

Click Save in the bottom right corner of the section to confirm your selection. 

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Syncing Your Data

By default, the QuickBooks Online app will sync your Volusion store's data every hour, starting on the date you selected when you first configured the app. 

The time until the next scheduled sync displays at the top of your QuickBooks Online app page:

To disable automatic hourly syncing, click Turn Auto Sync Off.

To manually sync at any time, click Sync Now. You'll see a "Synchronizing" status message that lasts a few moments (depending on the amount of data being synced); if you happen to be viewing the app when a scheduled hourly sync occurs, you'll see a "Loading Workflows" message instead.

Within each section, you'll see a green success message indicating any changes that occurred during the most recent sync:

In the event that certain data can't be properly updated during a sync, you'll see a "!" icon in the appropriate section to indicate the need for review.

Clicking the Review button displays a table with details about the errors. From here, you'll see the option to ignore or reattempt syncing the affected items.

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Viewing Synced Data

You can view a list of synced items by clicking the Data tab at the top of your QuickBooks Online app page in Volusion.

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Disconnecting the App

If you need to disable the QuickBooks Online app, click the Connections tab and click Disconnect:

You'll be asked to confirm your choice one more time. This action will disallow the link between QuickBooks Online and your Volusion store, and data will no longer be synced.

If you're using a paid QuickBooks Online account rather than a free trial, and wish to discontinue your QuickBooks services altogether, please contact QuickBooks for further steps.

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Getting Help

Throughout the app, you'll see help icons that provide more detailed information about the functionality of various settings. Hover over the icon to see relevant tips: 

If you have questions about the appropriate settings for these areas, please consult your CPA or similar accounting professional for your business.  

If you have questions about general functionality for QuickBooks Online, please consult QuickBooks Online Support.

Chat with OneSaas

In the lower right corner of your QuickBooks Online app screen, you'll see a blue button with the word Chat. Click this button to chat directly with OneSaas, the developers of our QuickBooks Online app. (Note: This chat is separate from the method you use to chat with Volusion Support).

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