Mmmm, cookies. 🍪🍪🍪  Your website uses them all the time — but not the ooey-gooey, fresh-baked kind. Computer cookies help websites obtain information about who’s visiting, kind of like welcoming them with a plate of fresh oatmeal pecans. Are you hungry for more?

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files placed on a user’s computer browser when they visit a website. They hold a small amount of information that tells something about that user, such as which pages they visited on the website, how many times they visited, and how much time they spent there. This helps website owners understand who their audience is and what those users are interacting with on the site. 

If you're curious about the cookies your Volusion shopping cart uses to track customers, click on the article that applies to your version:

We use the same kinds of yummy crumbs to track your relationship with Volusion. You can see more info in our Privacy Policy, or keep reading below to learn about the most common cookies we use on

Marketing Cookies

At Volusion, we like to provide the best user experience possible for our website visitors. By using cookies, we're able to provide relevant content to you by recognizing if you're a returning visitor, as well as which pages you've engaged with in the past. Some cookies help provide Volusion with analytics on anonymous visitors to help us determine which content users are engaging with the most. This, in turn, helps us to evaluate and test the best experience for our users. 

Volusion implements Marketing cookies to retarget users on certain ad networks, such as Google, Bing, and Facebook. Other third-party cookies are used on our site to help enable live chat and other software. These cookies aren't used for tracking, but to provide a better user experience.


Merchant Store and Relationship Tracking

When merchants use Volusion to power their online stores, we use the following cookies to better manage our relationship:


Third Party Tracking of Volusion Visitors

We also use pixels and tags from the following third parties to track user behaviors:


Volusion Internal Tracking of Volusion Visitors

These are some of our internal cookies we use to analyze user behavior across

Clearing Cache and Cookies

In general, cookies improve your user experience on websites by remembering what you've interacted with. If you think your browser may be storing cookies that either aren't relevant to you, or are negatively impacting your experience, you can erase them to temporarily clear the slate. 

Each browser will have its own instructions for clearing cookies (here are Google Chrome's instructions) or for completely Clearing Browser Cache.

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