Volusion offers the option for dropshipping products to your customers. Our Fulfillment App allows you, the merchant, to choose which dropshipping partner you will utilize. 

Contact Information

This optional section allows you to add contact information for your chosen dropshipping partner.
You can add a contact email address for your dropshipping partner as well as a phone number. Typically, this is a contact only email and should be different from the email address you used in the Fulfillment Method section to indicate where orders are to be sent.
A slider allows you to choose if you wish to list the physical address for your dropshipping partner. Sliding it to the right opens fields for Address 1, Address 2 (if needed), City and State. 

Remember to click the "Save" button in the upper left of the Fulfillment Service section after making any changes or additions to the information on this page. 

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