Volusion offers an option for directly dropshipping products to your customers.  Our Fulfillment App allows you, the merchant, to choose which dropshipping partner you will utilize. 

Fulfillment Method

The Fulfillment Method section of the Fulfillment App offers 2 choices:

Automated Email
When this option is chosen, an email summarizing any items on the order that are to be fulfilled by your dropshipping partner is sent to that service. If this option is chosen, shipping label purchasing for these items is disabled, as it is assumed that shipping will be taken care of by your chosen dropshipping partner. This option is best used when ALL items that you sell are being dropshipped. 

When this option is chosen, you can manually separate the dropshipped items from any items you carry in your local inventory. You, the merchant, will then be able to purchase a shipping label for these items. This option is designed for situations where you, the merchant, offer both dropshipped and non-dropshipped items in your store, so orders may have a combination of both. 

A field is included to add the email address to be used for order fulfillment as well. This would be the email at which your dropshipping vendor receives orders. 

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