From your store's Dashboard click the Site Designer icon in the left Navigation Menu.

Hover over the Header Block and click the green Edit Template button that appears on the left side of the Block.

You may now edit the Header Block using the controls on the left. Click the Done button when you have completed your changes. If you are ready to apply the changes to your live site, click the Publish button located a the top left of the Site Designer page. The Header is a block from your Master Template, it will appear on all pages of your site.

Header Block Controls

Trash Can Icon to Delete Block
Arrows to move block up or down the page

Top bar:

Enable Toggle

Show phone icon Toggle

Enable map marker icon Toggle

Left text Edit Text Button

Center Text Edit Text Button

Right text Edit Text Button

Nav Menu:

Display as

Padding for top level menu links when displaying as "Row" Scale Slider


Align left Toggle

Override store settings logo image Toggle

Change Image Button

Override store settings text logo with


Enable Slider Toggle

Text Field

Link Field

Button Style


Enable Slider Toggle

Display as

Placeholder text Field


Enable account Toggle

Enable cart Toggle

Other Settings:

Enable bottom border Toggle

Make menu links uppercase Toggle

Font weight Slider

Header Colors:

Top background color

Top text color

Bottom background color

Bottom text color

Bottom link hover color

Bottom border color

Nav Menu Colors:

Nav menu background color

Nav menu text color

Nav menu background hover color

Nav menu text hover color

Sub-nav menu background color

Sub-nav menu text color

Sub-nav menu background hover color

Sub-nav menu text hover color

Make sure to click the Done button at the bottom of the block edit section to save your changes.

Additionally, you will need to click the green Publish button at the top of the page to make your changes live on your store.

The Site Designer Header Block represents a default Header for your store. Additional Header options can be added using the following blocks:

Advanced Header

Mega Menu Header

Promotional Header

Simple Header

Sticky Header

These optional Headers can be accessed by adding them to your store's Homepage. Make sure the dropdown menu at the top of the Site Designer page is set to Page: Home. This will ensure that your new header applies to all of the pages on your store.

On the Home Page, mouse over the page until you see the Plus Sign icon to add a new block. Click the Plus Sign icon and locate the Header section of the Add A Block menu. Open the section and choose your new header, using the Add Block button.

Once your block has been added, use the Edit button to open the Edit Block menu and customize it.

Make sure to click the Done button on the Edit Block menu once your changes are complete.

You will likely want to remove the default header at this point. To do so, locate the default header, easily distinguished by its green Edit Template button, visible when you mouse over it. On the right side of the default header, you can click the Trash Can icon to delete the default header.

As a final step, make sure you click the green Publish button located at the top of the page to make your changes visible on your customer-facing site.

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