This article refers to a newly-released feature. If you don't see Site Designer in your Volusion store, you'll be getting access in the very near future. Until then, you can use the Store Editor app to make changes to your theme. For more information about this transition, please see our Site Designer FAQs article.

The Site Designer app lets you build, design, and customize your site with content blocks. You can easily modify an existing theme or create your own from scratch. Use Site Designer to change colors and fonts, rearrange the layout of your home page, and even update footer links!

Accessing Site Designer

To get started, click the Site Designer icon at the bottom of the left-hand menu in your Admin Area.

The first thing you'll see is a view of your Home page design. This layout is made up of several content blocks, dependent on the theme you've created or selected:

Site Designer Terms 

The following components make up the basic functionality of Site Designer:

  • Theme: A predefined set of pages with specific block arrangements and consistent styling (fonts, colors, buttons) applied throughout the site. A theme is the starting point for all stores. Once applied, the theme can be restyled and the blocks can be customized or removed as desired.
  • Page: A page can consist of a single block or multiple blocks, and each block can be be reused across multiple pages or even in the same page.
  • Block: A customizable unit of content on a page.

Editing a block

To change existing content, hover over it until you see an outline of the content block.

You can move an existing block higher or lower on the page by clicking the up and down arrows in the upper right corner of the block:

To update block content, click Edit in the upper left corner of the block:

Use the Edit Block panel on the left to update different components of the block (text, images, links), then click Done to save your changes.

Adding a block

To add a new content block above or below existing content, click on one of the blue plus sign icons ("+") between blocks. 

Use the Add a Block panel on the left to select a content block you'd like to add. The new block automatically appears in the selected area of your site design preview window, as depicted in the following illustration:

Once you've added the block, you can edit its contents using the panel on the left.

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