Connect Xero Online to your Volusion store with Zapier. Keep track of your business accounting and automatically create invoices using your Xero account. Save more time and never miss a sale again with a Xero + Volusion Zap. 

How to Setup Xero + Volusion Zap

  1. View this Zap
  2. Select Try It
  3. Sign into your Zapier account or create a new one.
  4. Select Volusion Trigger > New Order
  5. Select Continue
  6. Connect your Volusion Account
  7. Save + Continue
  8. Review sample order (only if you have any previous orders)  or Skip This Step
  9. Continue with Default Sample
  10. Select Xero Online Action > Create Sales Invoice
  11. Connect your Xero Account
  12. Save + Continue
  13. Set up Xero Sales Invoice > Continue
  14. Test your Zap > Send Test to Xero
  15. Save + Continue
  16. Select Finish
  17. Switch toggle to ON to activate Xero + Volusion Zap

How It Works

  1. An order is placed on your Volusion store or created with the "Create Order" action in your admin dashboard.
  2. An invoice is created in Xero.

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