This article covers how to integrate your VOLT store with a Quickbooks Online account using Zapier. For information on using the Quickbooks Online Integration found in the VOLT Integration store, see the article Quickbooks Online Integration.

How to Setup Quickbooks + Volusion Zap

  1. View this Zap

  2. Select Try It

  3. Sign into your Zapier account or create a new one.

  4. Select Volusion Trigger > New Order

  5. Select Continue

  6. Connect your Volusion Account

  7. Save + Continue

  8. Review sample order (only if you have any previous orders)  or Skip This Step

  9. Continue with Default Sample

  10. Select Quickbooks Online Action > Create Customer

  11. Connect your Quickbooks Account

  12. Save + Continue

  13. Set up QuickBooks Online Customer > Continue

  14. Test your Zap > Send Test to Quickbooks Online

  15. Select QuickBooks Online Action > Create Sales Receipt 

  16. Select Continue

  17. Your Quickbooks Account should already be connected - Select Continue 

  18. Save + Continue

  19. Select Finish

  20. Switch toggle to ON to activate Quickbooks + Volusion Zap

How It Works

  1. An order is created within your Volusion dashboard when someone places an order or with the “Create Order” action in your store admin. 

  2. A customer is created in your Quickbooks Online account.

  3. A sales receipt is generated for that customer in Quickbooks Online.

More Information

Read more about using Zapier in the article The Zapier Integration.

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