Volusion is excited to introduce Site Designer, a powerful new tool that allows you to change the look and feel of your website more quickly and easily than ever.

Over the next several weeks, we will be moving all Volusion storefronts  from the current Store Editor experience to Site Designer. 

From all of us here at Volusion, thank you for helping to make this exciting transition as smooth as possible. Please read below for more details about the process.

What is Site Designer? How is it different from Store Editor?

Site Designer is a new way to build, design, and customize your site, and will replace both Store Editor and Theme Store. 

The biggest difference from Store Editor is that with Site Designer, you can build your own layout through content blocks. With Store Editor, your layout is limited and dependent on your theme. Site Designer enables you to add, delete, and move any block and style it to your liking. You can also add as many blocks as you like, design multiple themes, and save drafts. 

No other core features apps (such as Pages, Orders, Products, Categories, or Customers) will be affected by this transition.

When will my Site Designer storefront be live?

We will be moving storefronts to Site Designer based on a number of factors, including your theme, your plan level, and whether or not you have a custom domain. If your storefront has been selected for migration, you will be granted access to Site Designer and will receive an email notification a week prior to the go-live date.

How do I access Site Designer? 

To access the new tool, click on the Site Designer icon at the bottom of your Admin Area menu:

To make changes to your design, follow the tips in our Site Designer tutorial article.

Will my website be down at all?

No! Your current Store Editor site will remain live during this transition. You can continue to accept and fulfill orders, accept payments, and perform any other normal store functions. 

Your Site Designer site will be pushed live in its current published state on the date specified in the email you received. (Note: Make sure to press the Publish button, otherwise a previous version of your site may be pushed live on that date.)

Once your new Site Designer site is live, it will function in the same way your old site did. You will still be able to take and fulfill orders, accept payments, etc. You can continue to work and make edits after it is live, but new changes from that point on will not be live until you again press Publish.

What if I need to make a change to my live site?

You can still make a change to your live site by using the old Store Editor app. However, we strongly encourage all future edits to be made in Site Designer. Changes made to your live store via Store Editor will not be automatically carried over to Site Designer. If you want a change to go live immediately and then remain live on your website after the date specified in the email you received, you'll need to duplicate the change in Site Designer as well.

If you need an edit to be live immediately, but only temporary (like a promotion for the coming weekend) you can make and update in Store Editor, and it will not appear in Site Designer after your go-live date.

Why does my website look different? Will I lose any content?

Your new Site Designer site is built with our block-based system. We’ve recreated your old theme using these blocks and styled it to look similar to your old site. 

Any existing text, images, and products should remain intact and should have been moved over to Site Designer; however, certain styling, fonts, sizing, and positioning may have altered slightly during the transition. Not to worry -- these blocks are easily editable, and you can contact customer service for more support.

All of your products should remain intact. You shouldn’t lose any of your content, and rest assured, your store and current theme will continue to function during this transition period. We will also have a copy of your old site, just in case.

What if some of my content did not transition over?

If you made changes in your Store Editor that were not replicated in Site Designer, contact our Customer Experience team for help with pushing those changes over. Please be aware that if you also made updates to your site in Site Designer, those updates will be overridden with whatever is in your Store Editor site.

What if I bought site design from your Services team? Will I lose all of that work?

If you purchased design work, please contact our Services Team and we will help update your Site Designer site to match your old site styling.

Will my Admin Area look different?

You’ll see a new Site Designer icon in your menu on the left:

We’re eliminating the Store Editor and Theme Store. Both of these features will now be incorporated into Site Designer. We’ve already moved any of your existing content from Store Editor into the new Site Designer app! 

Additionally, you'll be able to manage your navigation menu categories through a new Menu app, which will function in a similar way to the old Store Editor app.

No other core apps (such as Orders, Products, Categories, or Customers) will be affected by this transition.

How will this change benefit my store?

Glad you asked! Site Designer allows you to have all of the following:

  • Flexibility and control of the content, layout, and design of your site
  • An ever-growing library of content blocks to quickly build new pages and themes 
  • Robust editing and styling tools for true customization
  • Supercharged site speed and SEO 

...and there's even more in the works!

What are my next steps?

We hope to make this transition as smooth as possible for our founders. To that end, here are our three main tips for ensuring success:

  1. Preview Your Site: Visit your new Site Designer app and preview the updated version of your theme. You can navigate through each page of your site as you preview the changes. It may even be helpful to open the current (live) version of your website in a separate browser tab or window, so that can compare between the two. 
  2. Make Changes Where Needed: While spacing may appear slightly different as a result of the new block structure, most small differences from your old site can be corrected by editing the blocks in your new Site Designer. Rest assured, you will not be losing any content. If there’s something on your old site that doesn’t appear in the Site Designer preview, please contact our Customer Experience team. We’ll be happy to help resolve your issue.
  3. Familiarize Yourself with Site Designer: While we’re proud of the fact that Site Designer is intuitive and easy to use, we strongly encourage you to try it out for yourself. We want you to be comfortable making the same kinds of changes you’ve been making in Store Editor and Pages up until now. Be sure to check out some of the links at the end of this article for quick tutorials, and feel free to reach out to us if you get stuck.

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