The Fulfillment Services App will allow you to integrate your store with 3rd party dropshippers, such as Doba and Kole Imports. You can install it from Integrations on the left Nav Menu of your store.

Once you install the app, there will be an option to Create Custom Service.

Begin by adding a name to identify your dropshipping partner. From here, you can choose whether to have the order emails be Automated or Manual and what email address the order notification email should go to.

The dropshippers contact information can also be entered in the Contact Information section. You can get that information from the dropshipper you are working with.


Under Serviced Products at the bottom of the page, you can choose which products are attached to this dropshipper. If any of these products are purchased, the email will be sent to that dropshipper with those specific products and the shipping address for them to be sent to, so be sure all of the products from that dropshipper are chosen there.

Once you have done that, be sure to press the save button in the upper left of the section. If you go back into the app, you will be able to see the services you added, and add more from the plus icon in the upper right. 

When an order is placed containing an item assigned to a dropshipper, it will be indicated in the Item Details section. Clicking the Fulfill button will trigger an email to the dropshipper alerting them to fulfill the order and ship the product to your customer.

Keep in mind that this process will be handled in accordance with whatever arrangements you, as the merchant, have in place with your dropshipper.

Need products to sell?

Finding products to sell shouldn't be difficult and below are just a few of the many options available for dropshipping vendors and products.

  1. Alibaba is one of the best ways to get started to get products at "wholesale" prices, but you'll need to order large quantities, wait a bit for delivery from China to stock them in your warehouse, then ship them out yourself as the orders roll in.
  2. Alibaba Express is another option for drop shipping, but it can take 14 days for items to arrive from China. (Note: Alibaba Express is different from Alibaba, which involves buying products in bulk for your own inventory.)
  3. If you've got the bucks to create a custom manufactured product, made in the USA, check out Maker's Row.

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