Your customer support pin is a 10-digit number unique to your monthly hosting plan. If you have multiple stores with Volusion, each store will have a different customer support pin.

You’ll need to provide this pin number any time you contact our Support team via phone. (Note that your store must be on a qualifying plan in order to take advantage of our phone support.)

You can find your customer support pin in your store's admin area or in your welcome email.

Admin Area

Your customer support pin is the original phone number you used when signing up for a Volusion hosting plan. If you signed up with the phone number (800) 646-3517, for example, your customer support pin would be 800-646-3517.  (That's the number for Volusion.)

Note that your customer support pin will remain unchanged from the original phone number you entered, even if you update the contact number in your My Account profile at a later time.

You can see your support pin by clicking on the help icon in the upper right corner of any page:

Your Support PIN is located on the Help dropdown menu.

Welcome Email

When you first signed up for your free trial or purchased your store, you received a welcome email at the email address you entered. This email contains your customer support pin, which is the same as the original phone number you entered.

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