Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Zapier service does not accept null weight on products: Certain Zapier integrations would not function/fire when products on an order had a weight value of null. This has been resolved. 
  • "Error Creating Account" Error when trying to create an account from the 'Order Finished' page: In some cases, after placing an order, if you enter a password into the password field of the 'Save your info for next time' frame and click 'Create your account' an error will be presented: "Error Creating Account: Shopper account cannot be created. An order with this email has not been placed." This has been resolved. 
  • Outlook does not render order has shipped email buttons correctly: When order confirmation emails were received via Microsoft Outlook the 'Track your order' and 'visit our store' buttons at the top of the page did not function This has been resolved.
  • Grammatical errors within Discounts and Mailchimp apps: Small corrections made to grammatical errors in the admin.
  • Stores unable to generate/load /sitemap.xml: In stores that had a store status of not live we were unable to access /sitemap.xml. This has been resolved.
  • V2 did not auto-fill states: Autofill options on checkout did not populate state data in the form. This has been resolved. 
  • Confusing UX for out of stock products in phone orders: Out of stock products tried to hide from the user when attempting to add to order via admin. New logic has been added to indicate when products are out of stock.
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