Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Unable to Duplicate Specific Products: This issue occurred when a POST to store/admin/products fails due to a collision between product variant SKUs and existing SKUs.  This has been resolved to avoid this error in the future.
  • Auth.Net Error Messaging: Changes were implemented to improve error messaging on the storefront.  The changes are to include as much information as Auth.net provides on an error to display a meaningful error message to the user.
  • Expiration Date Field for Credit Card Details: Certain Android devices were not auto-populating the ‘/’ character in the ‘Expiration Date’ field, causing an ‘Invalid Expiration Date’ error.  This has been resolved.
  • Invalid Characters Allowed in Discount Input Fields: When creating coupons/discounts, you can enter the ‘-’ and ‘+’ characters in the [input type="number"] fields. This does prevent the user from moving forward until resolved, but it does not provide any error/warning message about invalid characters to the user.  This has been resolved.
  • Subdomain Fails to Redirect with Custom Domain in Place: When a valid custom domain is entered, the subdomain should redirect to it in all circumstances, including the storefront preview.  When a custom domain is saved in a store, there are cases where the subdomain applied to that store does not redirect to the custom domain.  This has been resolved.
  • Social Media Account Fields Allow ‘Bad’ URLS: When entering in a url for a social media account, inputting an invalid url will cause errors for all checkout methods on the storefront.  This has been resolved.
  • Logging in With Google Sign-In Creates a New Store: When a user signs up for V2 with a username and password, and subsequently logs in with Google, a new store is created, resulting in two stores for the same email.  Now when following the steps above, your Google Sign-In will be connected to the existing store. Going forward, the user will be able to log in either way.  Previously, when attempting to 'log in' using google and with an email that did not exists in our system, a new store was created.  Now following these same steps an error stating the email was not found in the system is presented.  One thing to call out with this current iteration is that if a store is created using google login, the store will only be able to be logged into using google. In the future this will be improved so that those users can login using either method but this cannot be done until the app login issues are resolved.]
  • No Character Limit for Discount Codes: Previously this field had no character limit.  With this fix, the character limit for Discount Codes is 20 characters.
  • Shipping - “New Price” and “New Weight” rate pop-ups display incorrectly on mobile: When attempting to add new shipping rates on certain mobile devices the 'new price rate' and 'new weight rate' pop up modals are appearing 'off screen'. This behavior differs slightly between devices.  This has been resolved so the modals display properly on mobile.
  • Unable to Load Amazon App: The issue with the Amazon App not loading in the admin has been resolved.
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