Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Better error messaging for unvalidated addresses at checkout: Previously, when a customer's address couldn't be validated, the checkout page displayed a generic "Invalid Address" error with no indication of the possible cause. We've updated the error messaging to suggest that the customer move their company name or apartment / suite / unit number to the "Address Line 2" field.
  • Corrected product carousel display issue for "Ollie" theme: For stores using the Ollie theme, certain product carousel configurations resulted in blank product cells on the storefront carousel view. We corrected this issue.
  • "Phone" field at checkout allows manual entry of international phone numbers: Previously, the Phone field on the checkout page added auto-formatting (parentheses and hyphens) for 10-digit U.S. phone numbers, which prevented shoppers from manually entering numbers with international codes. We've adjusted the field to disable auto-formatting after 10 characters and accommodate up to 15 characters for international phone numbers.
  • Assign products to categories via mobile device: On certain mobile devices, admins were unable to assign a product to a category from the category edit page, due to an inability to scroll through the product list. We've corrected this display issue.
  • "Choose Options" button for category pages on "Taos" theme: For stores using the Taos theme, the Choose Options button on category pages did not allow shoppers to choose a variant of the specified product. We've corrected this functionality, and shoppers can now select product variants right from the category pages of stores using the Taos theme.
  • Removing products from categories via category pages: Previously, admins were unable to remove a product from a category by visiting the category page, as there was no ability to save the change. Admins can now remove a product from a category either through the category page or through the product page.
  • Disabled ability to edit returned orders: On the Order Details page for a returned order, the "Edit Order" option still appeared in the actions menu. However, once an order is marked as returned, it cannot be edited. To avoid confusion, we removed the "Edit Order" option from the actions menu on returned orders.
  • Tax adjustments for edited orders: When an admin edited an order to increase quantity or add a different product, tax was not being recalculated accordingly for the new order total. We've fixed this issue so that tax is updated for the order.
  • Dropshipping Services in Fulfillment Services app: Previously, two different dropshipping services were appearing in the Fulfillment Services app. One of these services was editable, which created the potential for inventory conflicts. We corrected this issue so that only one dropshipping service appears. When an admin clicks to edit that service, they are now redirected to the Dropshipping app. 
  • Email Links Redirect to Appropriate Domain Name: When an automated email (such as an Order Confirmation) contained links back to the store, those links used the MyVolusion subdomain rather than the store's custom domain. Store links in emails now direct back to the store's custom domain name when applicable. 
  • Image Editor: When saving changes through the image editor in the Admin Area, some pages were showing a perpetual spinning progress wheel, and the changes were not saved. We fixed this issue.
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