Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Default product sort on category pages: When an admin selected a specific default product sort mode at Store Editor > Content > Category > Products, some themes weren't respecting the chosen default selection. We fixed this issue for the affected themes: Montreal, Drip, and Fork & Dagger. Β 
  • Adjustment refunds on returns in Authorize.net: Previously, refunding an Authorize.net (Volusion Payments) order that included multiple charges resulted in only the initial charge being refunded. Now, when an order is marked as returned, all transactions β€” including secondary "adjustment" charges β€” are voided.
  • Stripe orders with adjustment charges can now be marked "Returned": When an admin attempted to mark a Stripe order with adjustment charges as Returned, a "missing or invalid parameter" error message occurred. Admins can now successfully mark a Stripe order as Returned, and all transactions associated with the order β€” including secondary "adjustment" charges β€”are refunded in Stripe.
  • Nav Menu Links for deleted pages no longer persist: After deleting a page in the Admin Area, a link to the page was still appearing in the storefront navigation menu. Deleting or hiding a page now removes it from the menu.
  • Admins can now deselect "Send shipping notification to customer" checkbox during order fulfillment: When fulfilling an order, the option to deselect "Send shipping notification to customer" in the Order Fulfillment modal wasn't working. Admins can now deselect the checkbox to ensure that a shipping notification is not sent for that order.
  • Deleted products no longer appear on storefront: When an admin deleted products from the store, some items were still displaying on the storefront. All deleted products are now successfully removed from the storefront display.
  • "Forgot Password" access code for shopper accounts now supports text input: When following the prompts for the password reset workflow, shoppers were only able to input the six-digit access code as a numerical value with incremental arrows. They can now manually type the access code as text.
  • Purchase Order payments in Admin Area: When an admin attempted to create a new order using PO (purchase order) as the payment method, an error occurred. Admins can now successfully place orders using this payment method.
  • Hiding a category hides subcategories: Previously, marking a top level category as "Hidden" did not impact the subcategories below it. All subcategories of a hidden category are now also hidden.
  • Removed duplicate backslash in Sitemap URL: The sitemap URL that appeared for admins contained an extra backslash character. When copied and pasted to a third party (such as Google), this format caused accessibility issues. We've removed the extra character.
  • Custom Fulfillment emails send to customer: When an admin completed an order that included a product with a custom fulfillment service, the fulfillment email was not being sent to the customer. Now, when an admin marks an order as complete, any products associated with an "email" custom fulfillment method will successfully trigger an email to the customer.
  • Correct number of digits in "Credit/debit card" field: At checkout, the "Credit/debit card" field allowed for more than 16 characters. Customers who attempted to place an order with the wrong number of characters in this field received an error. We've adjusted the accepted character limit for this field.
  • Improved customer-facing error messaging for Stripe payments: Customers who attempted to pay with credit card saw a generic "Problem processing payment" message for Stripe errors. The same message appeared whether the error was an invalid phone number or invalid address. We've updated messaging to indicate which field should be corrected.
  • Exporting orders via Analytics app: Previously, when an admin attempted to export order data from the Analytics app, the export failed and an "error getting analytics data" message displayed. Orders can now be successfully exported from the Analytics app.
  • Yotpo app icon displays correctly on Home page: We've fixed the icon image for the Yotpo app under "Installed Apps" on your Home page. Now you can easily see and click on your Yotpo app after installing.
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