Before you can process credit card transactions with Volusion Payments, you'll need to activate and connect your Authorize.Net payment gateway account. 

Create Authorize.Net Credentials

Once you're approved for a Volusion Payments account, you'll receive two emails: one from our Volusion Payments team, and one from Authorize.Net. The email from contains a link to activate your account and create credentials. Click the Activate Your Account button in the email, then follow the prompts to activate and configure your Authorize.Net account.  

For further guidance, check out Authorize.Net's account activation guide.

Test Mode

You will need to turn off Test Mode in Authorize.Net before you can process transactions on your store. Test Mode is meant to test credit cards directly in the Authorize.Net gateway, and not your Volusion store. If you attempt to process an order in the shopping cart with Test Mode turned on, you will get an authorization, but the authorization code will be all zeros. So when you attempt to capture, it will decline because it isn't a "real" authorization.

When your account is in Test Mode, you'll see an orange bar at the top of your account pages indicating that status:

To turn Test Mode off:

  1. Click on the orange bar that says "Your account is in TEST MODE". You can also find a Test Mode link located under Security Settings > General Security Settings within your Settings page.

  2. When Test Mode is on, you'll see a toggle button in a red bar set to Test

  3. Click on the toggle button to switch to Live mode, which will turn the toggle bar green.

You'll know you're no longer in Test Mode when the page settings look like this:

Once you've entered your credentials in the Volusion Admin Area and disabled Test Mode, you should place a test order for $0.01. Be sure to void the transaction and cancel the order when you're done testing!

Connect Your Authorize.Net Account 

Once your Authorize.Net account is configured: 

  1. Return to Settings > Payments.

  2. Under the Connect Your Account heading, click Connect Account

  3. After you're redirected to the Authorize.Net login screen, enter your Authorize.Net account credentials.

  4. Once logged in, click Allow to confirm the connection between your Authorize.Net payment account and your Volusion store.

You're now connected to Volusion Payments.

Merchant Portal Sign-up

To access your statements, chargebacks, and transaction reporting online, we recommend creating a Merchant Portal account.  Merchants can sign up for the free Reporting LITE plan or the Reporting PRO plan.  With the free Reporting Lite plan, you will have access to:

•Smart Dispute Management (manage & dispute chargebacks)
•3 months of statements
•32 days Reconciliation Reports
•Transaction Finder

The Reporting PRO plan is $5/mo. and you will have access to:
•Smart Dispute Management (manage & dispute chargebacks)
•25 months of statements
•25 months of Reconciliation Reports
•Transaction Finder

You can sign up for a Merchant Portal account at  To complete sign-up, you will need your Merchant ID and the bank account number or Federal Tax ID on file.

Important Contact Information 

Volusion Merchant Care (VMC):
To reach this team, email or call 800.646.3517, option 3.  This team can help with:
•    Account Maintenance
•    Deposit Questions
•    Statement/Fee Questions
•    Payment Gateway Help
•    Chargeback Inquiries

Volusion Payment Sales:
To reach this team, call 877.875.2415 or email  This team can help with:
•    Applying for Volusion Payments
•    Questions about the Volusion Payments application or requirements

Volusion Risk:
If you received an email or phone call from our Volusion Risk team, please email or call 855.823.3673.

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