Know what's great for boosting sales? Convenience! 

Registered shopper accounts create a streamlined checkout process by saving shipping, payment, and billing information. They also create an interactive experience that helps build relationships between you and your shoppers – a valuable opportunity to generate customer loyalty!


In order to store payment and billing information as part of shopper accounts, you must offer checkout via Stripe. If you don't have Stripe enabled, only Contact Info and Shipping Addresses will be stored.

Creating a Shopper Account

After placing an order on your site, any shopper can create an account by completing the Password field in the "Save your info for next time" area of the order confirmation screen: 

After the shopper clicks Create your account, the following success message displays in the same spot:

Logging in to a Shopper Account

Shoppers can log in to their accounts from the shopping cart, or from the Contact & Delivery section of the checkout screen:

The Forgot password? link triggers a six-digit access code to be sent to the email address on file. Shoppers can enter that code to select a new password and log in. 

Checking Out With a Shopper Account

When logged in to a registered account, shoppers can breeze through the checkout process. Contact & Delivery details are pre-filled, but shoppers can also click Edit to add or select a different address. 

If the shopper has ever used Stripe to place an order on your store, the stored credit or debit card will also be selected by default. Shoppers can click Edit to add or select a different payment method.

A Note on Account Verification

When the account is first created, your store sends a verification request to the shopper's email account:

The shopper must click Verify your email before logging in again. Until this step is completed, an Email not verified tag displays next to the shopper's name, and the shopper won't be able to view Order History or take advantage of stored information at checkout. 

Unverified shoppers can click Resend email to complete verification, and they'll still have the ability to update Contact Info.  

The "Your Account" Panel

Shoppers can see an account overview in the "Your Account" panel, which can be accessed via link from the shopping cart.

From here, they can select Contact Info to update the name and phone number on the account, or they can select Order History to see a list of all orders placed through the store.

Shoppers can also click on a specific order number to view details for that order. Any orders placed via Stripe will display the last 4 digits of the card used for payment.

Viewing Shopper Accounts From the Dashboard

You can view a shopper's account details and order history through the Customers App as usual. If the account is a registered shopper account, you'll see a green Active tag next to Account Info. 

Remember that you'll only be able to see a shopper's saved credit and debit cards if the order was placed via Stripe. If the order was placed via PayPal, all payment details will be stored within PayPal instead.

Additional Capabilities

Our developers are hard at work adding even more features and functionality to shopper accounts! In the near future, we'll be growing the "Your Account" panel into a full self-service area for your shoppers, offering them the ability to update shipping and billing information, manage or re-order from their order history, and see previous abandoned carts.

Check back soon!

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