Product reviews are an important part of the shopping experience, adding credibility to your product listings and ultimately boosting conversions. With our Yotpo Reviews app, you can display customer reviews and ratings right on your store's product pages. 

To get started, download the Yotpo Reviews app for free in our Integrations Feature.

Click the Integrations icon on the Left Hand Navigation Menu on your store's Dashboard page.

Click the Integrations tab at the top of the page to see the available integrations. Scroll down and locate the Yotpo integrations field. Click the field to open the install popup. On the popup, click the Install button and then the Confirm Install button on the following popup. The integration will download and you will be taken to the Connect to Yotpo page.

Setup and Installation Wizard

Click Connect to Yotpo to create your free account* through Volusion. You'll be asked to choose a password and enter a few additional details about yourself. You can also access the Connect to Yotpo page by clicking the Yotpo icon on your store's Dashboard page.

Once you've created your account, we'll redirect you to Yotpo's two-step installation wizard. Here, you can choose a few basic settings for your store's integration with Yotpo. If you want to skip any of these steps, for now, you'll still be able to customize your settings from within your Yotpo account.

  1. In the Collect Reviews step, you'll see a preview of Yotpo's Automatic Review Request email as it would appear on a mobile device. Edit the From, Subject, and Message fields as desired. If you don't want to use the Automatic Review Request feature, click the Send Automatic Review Requests toggle to disable it.   

  2. In the Customize Widget step, select the colors and font that will best match your store's look and feel. If you don't plan to approve product reviews before they appear on your store, you can leave the Auto Publish Reviews On-Site toggle selected.    

  3. Click Next: Integrate, then click Finish Installation to make the changes official.

The Yotpo widget is now live on your store's product pages.

* When creating your Yotpo account, use the email address associated with your Volusion store. Make sure your store's primary email address isn't associated with an existing Yotpo account before attempting to connect the app. 

Yotpo on Your Storefront

The Yotpo "widget" displays on each of your store's product pages. The widget consists of two parts: an overall star rating (out of five stars) that displays above your product name, and a detailed reviews section below the product image:

Shoppers will be able to browse existing reviews, indicate which reviews are helpful, and write reviews of their own.

Automatic Review Requests

One of Yotpo's most valuable features is the ability to send an automated post-purchase review request. The Automatic Review Request can be configured to send once a specific number of days have passed after purchase. By default, Yotpo sends a review request after 14 days, ensuring that the customer has had time to receive the product and form an opinion. The email looks similar to the following example:

Shoppers can easily complete and submit a review through this email form, even when viewing it on a mobile device. 

To confirm that Automatic Review Requests are enabled for your store:

  1. Log in to your Yotpo account.

  2. Using the icons on the left, navigate to Collect Reviews > Automatic Review Requests.

  3. Make sure that the Review Request Emails toggle is set to Review Request Emails Enabled.  

You can also use the Collect Reviews section to customize the email message, look and feel, time to send, and more.

Importing Existing Reviews

If you've had your store for a while, you may have already collected some great product reviews from your customers. With assistance from Yotpo's support team, you can import a CSV file of existing product reviews to display through your Yotpo widget. 

To import existing reviews:

  1. Follow Yotpo's instructions to create an import file.

  2. Log in to your Yotpo account with your store email and Yotpo password.

  3. In the upper right corner of the page, click the user (person) icon and select Open a Ticket.

  4. Complete the form to request an import, making sure to attach the import file you created. Yotpo's support team should be able to fulfill your request within about 3-5 business days.

Additional Tools

Within your Yotpo account, you have the ability to modify various aspects of your Automatic Review Request email messaging, display settings for your product page widget, review filtering, and more. Use the icons along the left side of the page to manage the following:

  • Moderation: Here, you can enable or disable automatic review publishing, set up profanity filters, configure notifications for keywords, view responses by date range, and more.  

  • Analytics: This section includes metrics about your visitors' interactions with the Yotpo widget and Automatic Review Request emails. View open rate and click rate data, conversion rates for purchases after reading reviews, and more. 

  • Collect Reviews: Use this area to modify all settings for your Automatic Review Request email messaging. You can customize the email design with a profile picture for your store, create your own follow-up thank you message, add tags to get feedback about specific product attributes, and more. You can also customize the colors for the Yotpo widget that displays on your product pages.

  • On-site Widgets: Here, you can control the way shoppers find and read your product reviews. Add a sticky Reviews widget that displays on the side of your website, choose how often to sync review updates for best performance, choose the number of reviews that display by default, and add star ratings.

  • Social & Google: Boost your social presence by posting reviews to your company's Facebook and Twitter accounts, or by enabling a Facebook Reviews Tab. You can harness the power of Google Seller Ratings by upgrading your Yotpo plan (see below). 

  • Integrations: This section lists any third-party platforms integrated with your Yotpo account. (Hint: Volusion is one of them!)

Your Yotpo Plan

Your free Yotpo plan through Volusion lets you do the following:

  • Send up to 75 Automatic Review Request emails per month* (50% more than the standard free plan), plus an extra 200 emails during your first month

  • Import, collect and display unlimited reviews and ratings on product pages

  • moderate reviews through your Yotpo dashboard 

  • customize messaging, branding, and timing of Automatic Review Request emails

*Your monthly Yotpo cycle starts on the day you sign up, rather than at the beginning of each calendar month. 

Upgrading Your Plan

Throughout your Yotpo dashboard, you may notice that certain features — typically accompanied by a padlock icon — are unavailable on your current free plan. You can unlock these features by upgrading to Yotpo's growth plan:

  • Send review requests in bulk using a CSV file of customer addresses

  • Choose default sorting order for product page reviews (by star rating)

  • Allow shoppers to upload photos in reviews

  • promoted product reviews: choose which products to target for Automatic Review Request review requests 

To upgrade directly through Yotpo, log in to your account and click the Upgrade Plan button near the top of the page.

How to Learn More

For more details about Yotpo features and functionality, see Yotpo's help center

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